Ganagapur Temple

Ganagapur Lord Venkateshwara temple in Gangapur is located in Gangapur village in Rebbena
Mandal , Komaram Bheem Asifabad district in Telangana State, India.

This temple was built in the 16th century by a VishwaBrahamin Mummadi pothaji and large number of devotees come from Maharashtra, Chattisgad and Telangana to Gangapur jatra held on magha pournami every year.
The cave temple with the carved idols of Vishnu and Vaishnavite dwarapalakas holding sanka , chakra , gadha and padma in their four hands, in addition to Alwars, Surya , Hanuman etc which are also worshipped by devotees according to Hindu traditions.

There are other small caves with the images of other gods. Above the cave there is a pyramidal shikara which has been constructed, which is a key feature of this temple and shows the significance of the idols here that are situated inside a cave.

The location of this temple inside caves highlights the importance of this temple from centuries with the intricately carved arches and other important elements which forms an evidence to the legacy of historic dynasties that had once ruled Asifabad region of Telangana.