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SRSP Lakshmi / Laxmi Canal

Lakshmi / Laxmi Canal with a total length of 3.5 km from SRSP (Sri Ram Sagar Project) reservoir to Peddavagu is used to irrigate 8,849 ha ( 21, 866 acres ) of ayacut with a head discharge of 14.12 Cumecs (500 Cusecs) in Nizamabad District Nizamabad Sri Ram Sagar Reservoir - Kothapally - Renjarla - Peddavagu (Shetpalle)

SRSP Saraswati Canal

Saraswati Canal with total length of 144 Kms from Sri Ram Sagar reservoir to Kaddam Narayna 79,000 acres in Nirmal district. Reddy Reservoir is used to irrigate total ayacut of Nizamabad Sri Ram Sagar reservoir - Koutla - Sofinagar - Mukthapur - Narsapur - Babapur Nirmal Koratikal  - Chandaram - Danthampalle - Nagapur - AdaviSarangapur - Kaddam Narayna Reddy Reservoir SRSP (Sri Ram Sagar Project) Stage I Saraswathi Canal (47 km) to irrigate 14,151 ha ( 34,967 acres ) of ayacut with a head discharge of 42.47 Cumecs (1500 Cusecs) as part SRSP (Sri Ram Sagar Project) Stage II  Saraswathi Canal from Km 77 to 144 with modernization of Kadam canal from Km 0.00 to Km 77.00 to benefit total ayacut of  79,000 acres. It irrigates 79000 acres of ayacut by pumping of 10 TMC feet of water from Yellampalli Barage from 6.5 km to km 77 of Kadem canal

SRSP Flood Flow Canal

SRSP Flood Flow Canal is a 130 km long gravity canal from Sriram Sagar Project, Sangam Village, Nizamabad District to Mid Manair Dam, Manwada Village, Karimnagar District, Telangana. This Canal initiated as part of Sriram Sagar stage-II in which the foundation stone was laid by the former Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao in 1991. With this Canal the surplus water from Sriram Sagar Project can be taken into Mid Manair Dam to utilize another 25 tmcft and also it can be used to fill the Lower Manair Dam at KarimnagarCity. Canal construction was completed by July 2010, It was open in Aug 2010 after couple of trials. Canal is currently using to fill Lower Manair Dam as Mid Manair is under construction. It has been designed in such way that it will discharge 22000 cusecs water (Max Capacity), which means it can carry 50 tmcft water into Mid Manair (26 tmcft) and Lower Manair (24 tmcft) reservoirs in just 25 days at its full canal capacity (i.e. 2 tmcft per day). The flood canal c

SRSP Kakatiya Canal

Kakatiya Canal is a major canal in the Telangana State in India. Its full name is SRSP Kakatiya Canalas the canal originates from the Sriram Sagar dam to  to the Lower Manair Dam (LMD) Reservoir to Khammam Reservoir It feeds North Telangana by passing through the region for irrigation and as well as drinking water for major cities. Kakatiya Canal is about 284 km long with 9,700 cusecs flow capacity and passing through Nizamabad,  Jagtia, Karimnagar, Warangal, Hanumakonda, Mahabubabad. Suryapeta and Bhadradri Kothagudem Districts will benefited by inflow of Kakatiya Canal to Musi River. This canal is an inter river basin transfer link by feeding Godavari River water to Krishna river basin in Warangal and Khammam districts. 4 Units of 9 MW each to generate 36 MW have also been set up to harness the water head before feeding water in to the canal. Located at Km.146.00 of Kakatiya Canal on Manair River near Karimnagar is a balancing reservoir. Nizamabad Mendora, Velka