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Ramappa Temple Inscriptions

 Inscriptions carved on a square pillar of highly polished black basalt, standing in front of a square chhatri to the north-east of the temple  Translation of inscription in the Great Temple, recording grant of Recherla Rudra in A. D. 1213. (By Dr. L. D. Barnett, Litt. D.) Obeisance to the blessed Rudresvara! May that Ganadhisa protect you on whose cheek, besprinkled with rutting ichor, the line of bees appears distinctly like a streak of musk. May the goddess Sarada, giver of boons, whose lotus-feet are adored by the troops of gods and demons, ever grant you joy. May that god Siva, whose diadem is the moon, at whose pair of lotus-feet the mass of quivering rays from the sapphires in the crest of obeisant lords of the gods assumes the semblance of gadding bees, be for your prosperity. May that lord Sripati, in sport (assuming the form of) a Boar, be for your happiness—he Avhose body, covered with all the waters of the ocean like drops of sweat and holding the earth fixed on the tip of