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Ramji Gond

Name: Ramji Gond Born: Present Asifabad District, Telangana State, India (erstwhile Hyderabad Princely State) Died: 9 April 1860 Ramji Gond, who hailed from current Nirmal and combined Adilabad district of Telangana, was among the most prominent leaders of the First War of Independence in the erstwhile Hyderabad Princely State, who ruled the tribal areas in present-day Adilabad, Nirmal and Asifabad districts of Telangana. The areas under his rule included Nirmal, Utnoor, Chennuru, and Asifabad.  Ramji Gond and the Rohillas leader called Miya Saheb Khurd jointly fought a guerrilla campaign against the British, for which he was caught and hanged on 9 April 1860. 1857: Hyderabad Sepoy Revolt - First war of Independence Many regions in Nizam’s domains were aflame with anti-British sentiments when the mass insurrections broke out in 1857. Among these was the Adilabad district, where the resident Gond tribal community who were unhappy with the state’s oppression and exploitation of the peas

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue in Hyderabad

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar 125-feet tall bronze statue is located adjacent to the State Secretariat on the scenic banks of the Hussain Sagar lake, Ramagundam Rd, Hussain Sagar, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana State. The Chief Minister had said that India’s tallest statue of Ambedkar, which is next to the State Secretariat, opposite to Buddha statue and located beside the Telangana Martyrs memorial, will inspire people every day and motivate the entire State administration. Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti is observed on 14 April to commemorate the memory of B. R. Ambedkar, Indian politician and social reformer. It marks Ambedkar's birthday who was born on 14 April 1891. His birthday is also referred to as 'Equality Day' in India. Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao unveiled the statue April 14 2023 on his 132nd birth anniversary is a major attraction for tourists and locals alike, the statue is an imposing structure surrounded by well-maintained gardens and walking pa

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja)

Name : Ramanuja, also called Ramanujacharya, or Ilaiya Perumal (Tamil: Ageless Perumal [God]) Born : 1017 AD, at Sri perumbudur, India Died : 1137 AD, Shrirangam Spouse: At the age of sixteen Ramanuja married Rakshakambal Education: In Kanchi the young Ramanuja studied under the famed guru Yadava Prakash. Yadava, his guru was a supporter of the doctrines, or principles, of an earlier famous acharya, Sankara (also spelled Sankaracharya; c. 788–c. 820). In time, however, he began to reject some of the central doctrines taught by his master. Ramanuja is revered worldwide as a Vedic philosopher, social reformer and one of the most important exponents of Sri Vaishnava tradition. In his 120 year life, travelled across Bharat, understanding the way of life of all sections, at the same time, focusing on individual needs. Ramanujas Teachings Ramanuja produced a number of treatises, or essays, on Hindu theology. Many of these treatises were on Hindu sacred texts, including the Bhagavad Gita and

Turrebaz Khan

Name : Pathan Turrebaz Khan (Unknown–24 January 1859)  Born : Hyderabad State, British India. Begum Bazar in present-day Hyderabad, Telangana State. Died : 24 January 1859, Current Toopran Village, Medak District, Telangana. Turrebaz Khan's nickname 'Turum Khan' in Dakhani Urdu to this day is synonymous with courage and valour.  Pathan Turrebaz Khan was a Rohilla military leader. Turrebaz Khan led the famous army of the Arabs and Rohillas. He was the son of Rustum Khan, a Pathan resident of Hyderabad. He joined the British Army and served as Jamedar in the British Cantonment of Aurangabad. Very little is known about him, but he was responsible for putting Hyderabad on the map of country's first war of independence. Turrebaz led the 1857 uprising in Hyderabad along with Maulvi Allaudin. Pathan Turrebaz Khan, with the help of Maulvi Allauddin, attacked the Hyderabad Residency, the home of British rulers, with around 500 rebels on 17 July 1857. It was an attempt to free Ja

Kaloji Narayana Rao

A giant of Telugu letters Kaloji Narayana Rao ( 9 September 1914 – 13 November 2002 )  born in Madikonda village of Warangal district Telangana. Real name is Raghuveer Narayan Lakshmikanth Srinivasa Ramraja Kaloji popularly known as Kaloji or Kalanna is a well known freedom fighter of India and a political activist of Telangana. He is known for his contributions in the social and literary.  Honoured with the Padma Vibhushan in 1992, the second highest civilian honour in India  for his excellent service in the literary and social,  Kaloji brings grace and distinction to the award.  He is a recipient of Tamrapatra in 1972. He received the award for the best translation of the 'Jeevana Gita' work in 1968 and Ramakrishna Rao Burgula first posthumous tribute was congratulated in 1981. He was honored with 'Praja Kavi' title. The Telangana government honored kaloji birthday September 9 as Telangana Language Day

Chityala Ailamma

Name : Chityala Ailamma or Chakali Ailamma (1919–1985) Born : 1919, Krishnapuram, Raiparthy Mandal, Warangal Died : Sep 10, 1985 Palakurthi, Jangaon. Spouse : Chityala Narsaiah Children : 4 Sons and 1 Daughter Somu Narsamma. Profession : Farmer, Social Activist, Social Reformer She belongs to Rajaka caste so her name became Chakali Ailamma.Poor with no formal education, a legend in the Telangana armed struggle. Chityala Ailamma's struggle to establish her right to cultivate her own landmarks in a sense was the beginning of the Telangana Peasant Struggle. She became an inspiration for many people in Telangana region. She took 4 acres of land for rent (koulu) to cultivate land from a local landlord kondala rao. But, Patwari Veeramaneni Sheshagiri rao did not like that and started giving trouble to leave the land and asked her to come work in his own field. Around the same time Andhra Maha Sabha led by Communits gave a call to revolt conducted many militant str

Sardar Papanna

Name : Sardar Sarvayi Papanna Goud or Sardar Sarvai Papanna or Sardar Sarvay Papanna or Papadu  Born: August 18, 1650 in Khilashapur of the present Station Ghanpur, Jangoan District, Telangana Died: April 2, 1710 Parents : Mother is Sarvamma and father is Dharmanna Goud. Dharmana Goud, the elder of the village, was killed by the local nobles for standing on the side of Dharma.  Papanna, who is locally known as “Papadu” a freedom fighter, was a “bandit” for the Mughal and Qutub Shahi rulers who rose from humble beginnings to become a folklore hero.His deeds have been described by historians Barbara and Thomas Metcalf as "Robin Hood-like", while another historian, Richard Eaton, considers him to be a good example of a social bandit.  Papadu lived during the period when the Mughal Empire had expanded its interests in South India and when tensions between the Muslim ruler Aurangzeb and his Hindu populace were rising.  Papanna has a fighting spirit from childhood. When he was in K

Chintakindi Mallesham

Chintakindi Mallesham is a recipient of Padma Shri award for the year 2017 under Science and Engineering category for his innovation of Laxmi ASU machine to reduce the time and labour required to weave Pochampalli silk sarees. He received Amazing Indians Award from the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also got best innovation award. A hand winding process called Asu is required in the traditional ‘Tie & Dye’ Pochampalli silk saree tradition. This involves moving the hand over a space of one meter up and down around semi-circularly arranged pegs 9000 times (yes, 9000 times!) for one sari. For each sari to be completed it takes almost 4 to 5 hours. The machine, which has been named after Mallesham's mother, can make a saree in about one-and-a-half hours as opposed to five hours in the manual process. The mechanised process besides increasing productivity (eight sarees a day) has reduced drudgery and allowed variety in style and design.  Learning early C

Suravaram Pratapa Reddy

Name         :  Suravaram Pratapa Reddy Born        :  May 28, 1896 in Boravelli, Gadwal  Died        :  Aug 25, 1953  Parents    :  Rangamma and Narayanareddy Education   : Graduated from  Nizam College , BA and BL degrees from Presidency College, Madras. Profession : P oet,  Scholar,   Freedom Fighter, Social historian and reformer , Lawyer, Journalist, Founder and Editor of   Golconda Patrika a Telugu-language journal .

Biruduraju Ramaraju

Name : Biruduraju Ramaraju Born : April 16, 1925 Devanoor village, Dharmasagar Mandal Hanumakonda District Died : February 8, 2010 in Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy Education : Graduated from Nizam College, PhD Telugu language and literature and folklore studies in Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Kancherla Gopanna

Name : Kancherla Gopanna or Bhadradri or Bhadrachala Ramadasu Born : 1620 AD in current Nelakondapalli, Bhadradri Kothagudem district, Telangana, India. Parents : Linganna Mantri and Kadamba Profession : Poet, Tahsildar for Palvancha for king Abdul Hasan Tana Shah of Qutub Shahi Dynasty at Golconda. Books : Ramadaasu Keertanalu, Dasarathi Shatakamu Guru : Raghunatha Bhattacharya Indian devotee of Rama and a composer of Carnatic music and is renowned for constructing a famous temple for Rama at Bhadrachalam.    He is one among the famous Vaggeyakaras (same person being the writer and composer of a song) in the Telugu language, the others being Tyagaraja, Annamayya, Kshetrayya.    His devotional lyrics to Rama are famous in South Indian classical music as Ramadaasu Keertanalu. Even the doyen of South Indian classical music Saint Thyagaraja learned and later improved the style now considered standard krithi form of music composition. He also wrote Dasarat