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Rali Vagu

Rali Vagu is a tributary of Godavari River. Origin: Near Kurreghad village, Kasipet Mandal, Mancherial District, Telangana State, India. Length: Around 30 kms. Districts : Mancherial Outflow: Godavari River Start: Kurreghad End: Mancherial Ralivagu Project is Medium Irrigation Project across Ralivagu 2 Km North-East of Mulkalla Village and 10 Km from Mancherial Railway station, which is a tributary of Godavari River. The stream flows in a hilly and steep ground in forest area. The catchment area 50.74 Sq Miles. Reservoir capacity is 11.57 Mcum, which is having two main canals to irrigate an ayacut of 3280 acres.

Ralla Vagu River

Origin : Ralla Vagu  or Rallavagu River is a tributary of Godavari River originates near the village Dondla is located in Tiryani Mandal of Kumuram Bheem Asifabad District in the State of Telangana. Outflow : Godavari River Length : Around 40 Km Districts : Mancherial. Mandals : Kasipet, Mandamarri Start : Dondla Village End : Godavari, Mancherial Tribuaries Devapur Vagu or Salpal Vagu or Salpala Vagu stream, which originates near Devapur village, Kasipet mandal, Mancherial district, Telangana. Length : Around 25 kms Palavagu or Pala Vagu stream, which originates near Akenipalle Village, Mandamarri mandal, Mancherial district, Telangana to form the Rallavagu which drains into the Godavari after flowing for 11 km. Length: around 20 kms The Rallivagu Reservoir Project is a medium irrigation project across Ralivagu, a tributary of Godavari River. The project is located near Mulakalla village(6 Km from Mancherial Town) of Mancherial mandal in Mancherial district. The catchment area 50.74 S

Mesolithic paintings of Mancherial

Mesolithic cave paintings found in Thaatimattayya hills of Buggagattu forest in Mancherial district of Telangana State. Historian Dr Dyavanapalli Satyanarayana has claimed that he explored the site in the Buggagattu forest area with the help of the local Naikpod tribes. He said cave paintings at Thaatimattayya are dated to be 13,000 years B.P. According to Satyanarayana, he came across the ten types of paintings drawn in five colours. Dr Satyanarayana said ‘even today families of Naikpod worship the ‘Thaatimatayyah’ or Thaadu which means palm tree. One of the most striking features of the cave paintings is the drawings of perfect circles.  It seems that the prehistoric artist had used geometric measurements to draw the circles. The circles represented human heads, womb/vagina, flying saucers, dumbbells/tool kits, sun and moon discs. The Mesolithic Age people inserted the small chips of chert stone (one-inch long and centimeter width) in the full cleavage of fist fi

Gandhari Fort, Temple & Jatara

Gandhari Fort / Gandhari Khilla (Gandhari Kota) is a hill fort located near Bokkalagutta, in Mandamarri Mandal in Mancherial district, Telangana, India. The Gandhari Fort is believed to have been built by tribal kings who ruled over this region, by taking assistance from Kakatiya rulers, some 1,000 years ago. It houses the ancient temple of Maisamma. Similarly, it contains idols of Kala Bhairava Swamy, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesh and Hanuman, idols carved out of rocks. Archaeological work suggests that construction of the fort was begun early as the Rastrakuta era (prior to 1200 A.D.) and continued until 16th century.


Revenue divisions : 2 (Mancherial and Bellampally) Mandals           : 18  Population        :  807,037 Area (km2)        :  4,056.36 Literacy          : 64% Highways          : NH 63, SH1 Rivers            : Godavari, Pranhita Collector         :  Sri R.V.Karnan, IAS (2012) M.L.A             :  Diwakar Rao Nadipelli, Durgam Chinnaiah, Ajmeera Rekha Mancherial is previously called as "GARMILLA".  Mancherial is known for its commercial activity and coal belt, the newly-carved district situated in the north bank of the Godavari. The Godavari separates Mancherial and Jagityal district The Godavari separates Mancherial and Jagityal districters are described as the lifelines of the district. The Yellampalli reservoir quenches the thirst of Mancherial, Luxettipet and Dandepalli mandals besides meeting the irrigation needs.  The quarry at Gadpu, Gandhari Garden at Mandamarri, twin streams at Bhimaram, the Godavari river flowing towards north and a series of seven tank

Pranhita River

Origin : Thumbidihatti, Kouthala Mandal, Asifabad Intersection of Wardha and the Wainganga Rivers near the border of Maharashtra and Telangana. Elevation : 146 m ( 479 ft) Length : 113 km (70 mi) Catchment : 1,09,078 km2 Outflow : Godavari River near Kaleshwaram States : Maharashtra, Telangana Entire Pranahita River acts as border between Telangana and Maharashtra. Districts : Komoram Bheem Asifabad, Mancherial, Jayshankar Bhupalpally. The Pranhita begins at the confluence of 2 extensive rivers - the Wardha and the Wainganga. This junction lies on the border between the states of Maharashtra and Telangana near Kouthala(near Sirpur kagaznagar). Right at the onset, the river enjoys a wide river bed. Pranhita is the largest tributary of Godavari River covering about 34% of its drainage basin conveying the combined waters of the Penganga River, Wardha River and Wainganga River. By virtue of its extensive network of tributaries, the river drains all of Vidharba region as w

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary

SIVARAM Wildlife Sanctuary was set up in 1987, exclusively for the protection of marsh crocodiles. Located along the holy River Godavari which is the lifeline to the  Sivaram wildlife Sanctuary in Mancherial and Peddapalli districts of Telangana, the total area of this beautiful wildlife Sanctuary is approx. 36.29 sq kms.   Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preserve located nearly 10 km from Manthani and 50 km from Mancherial town in Telangana and is well accessible by road. Mancherial is the nearest railway station. The deciduous vegetation of this sanctuary consisting of Timan, Terminalias, Teak, Gumpena, Kodsha. It also has some Thorny Shrubs. The wildlife sanctuary attracts a lot of tourists with its wide collection of fauna which includes Sloth bear, Nilgai, Panther, Langaur, Rhesus Monkey, Cheetal, etc.  Situated on the banks of River Godavari, this place is their natural habitat. This wild life sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and nature photographers. The eco syst

Jannaram Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary in the Jannaram forests of Mancherial district in Telangana has been declared as the 42nd tiger reserve in the country in 2012. According to the department sources, the Kawal wildlife sanctuary has about 20 tigers as per an unofficial count. "By notifying it as a tiger reserve, we expect an increase in the number of tigers," a forest department official said. Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important wildlife sanctuaries in Telangana. The Kawal sanctuary houses various animals and several varieties of flora and fauna are seen here. If you want to get a glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat, then, the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is a must see place. This Wildlife Sanctuary gives you a picturesque view of retreat. Every corner of this sanctuary is filled with adventure and thrill. Thousands of tourists visit this secluded animal kingdom to experience the thrills amidst wild beasts of the region. This sanctuary is located in the Mancherial

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary

Pranahita (Blackbuck) Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1980, is one of the oldest protected areas of Telangana and is an ideal 'blackbuck habitat' with scrub jungle and mixed deciduous vegetation and scattered grasslands. The Envirnoment Ministry has declared an area ranging from 0.1 kilometer to 5 kilometer from the boundary of Pranahita (blackbuck) Wildlife Sanctuary in Telangana as ESZs. Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Chinnur-Mancherial forest division and covered area of 136 sqkm by Pranihita River. It is in Chinnur, Mancherial  distrcit, Telangana. It is about 300 km from city of Hyderabad and 35 km away from Mancherial town This sanctuary lies exactly between the latitudes 18 °41’ N - 19° 9’ N and longitudes 79°9’E - 79°57’E. The Pranahita wildlife sanctuary covers an area of about 136sq.kms and is full of lush and dark teak forests. The river Pranahita carves its way in to this amazing sanctuary making it even more beautiful. Pranahitha River flows adjoini

Godavari River

Origin : Western Ghats at Triambak near Nasik in Maharashtra Elevation : 1067 meters Length : 1,465 km (910 mi) Drainage : 312812 km Outflow : Bay of Bengal States : Maharashtra, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry (Yanam) and Telangana Start : Basar in the Nirmal district Length : 600 km End : Bhadrachalam in Bhadradri Kothagudem district Districts : Nirmal, Nizamabad, Jagtial, Mancherial, Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Mahabubabad, Bhadradri Kothagudem The Godavari River is the second longest river in India after the river Ganges and the largest in Peninsular India.  Asmakas one of the shodasa (sixteen) mahajanapadas in the 6th century BCE, ruled there kingdom from the banks of Godavari river.  It flows for about 283 km and separates the Chanda district of Maharashtra and Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh from this region. Enters Telangana near Basar in the Adilabad district and divides the district of Nizamabad and Karimnagar to the south a