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Warangal Durries

Handloom to date remains one of the most rich traditional practice of the country. Geometric patterned durries remain the most famous durries from Warangal and are in demand both in national and international markets. Lack of self-branding and promotions are the reasons that Durries made in Warangal are unable to market their uniqueness. Warangal's famous durries are now available to the world: Weavers sell their products on  Amazon Recently, e-commerce giant Amazon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Telangana Department of Handlooms and Textiles to help handloom clusters in Warangal, Pochampally etc.  Durries of Warangal to date remain one of the few crafts left in the country that is still done by hand. It is still amazing to find weaver’s making an entire durry with traditional looms even when the rise in technology has led to the introduction of Power looms.  In recent years, screen printing techniques and kalamkari prints were adapted to Warangal dur

Jurassic Period

Dinosaurs are known to have lived between 230 and 65 million years ago, a periodthat is known as the Mesozoic Era. The period is many million years before the first modern humans, Homo sapiens, appeared.  Scientists divide the Mesozoic Era into three periods: the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. The 16-foot-high ‘Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis', was found during an excavation by the Geological Survey of India (GSI) in Yamanapalli region of Adilabad district. A GSI team unearthed the skeletons of gigantic reptiles, which lived on earth approximately 165 million years ago in the Lower Jurassic period.The GSI and Birla Science Centre worked together and mounted  at Birla Museum  in 2000.  The GSI, which excavated the region for more than two-and-a-half decades, had collected nearly 840 skeletal remains belonging to various Sauropod dinosaurs.  All the 840 skeletal parts belonged to 12 individual dinosaurs from a single species, ‘Sauropod dinosaurs’, which ruled the earth for