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Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam Park

Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam Park is located in Narapally village under Pocharam Municipality in Ghatkesar mandal, Medchal-Malkajgiri District, Telangana State, India. Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam Park comprises of a buffer zone covering an area of about 84.24 hectares and a conservation zone covering an area of about 116 hectares.   The Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam is also a deer park. Walking along the pathway, you will find some Peacocks as the park hosts a small peacock sanctuary. Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam a nature conservation park, has Walking track developed with a length of 4 Kms internal pathways and a Canopy walkway with a length of 200 mts. The park is a visual treat for nature lovers.  Beyond wonderful walkway you can experience Forest trails at Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam park. The park has a metal fencing Canopy Walk way of 200 meters laid with strong iron mesh with railings on both sides above 20 feet from the ground and a watchtower to have a good 360 degree view of the complete park

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park is located in Kandlakoya Village towards the Outer Ring Road, Medchal Mandal, Medical-Malkajgiri district, Telangana State, India.  For nature lovers and adventure-seekers, who find peace in exploring green forests and study birds, etc, need not worry about planning their holidays elaborately, as Kandlakoya Oxygen Park, spread in sprawling 75 acres has come up just in city backyard - about 20 km from Paradise Circle and six km from Kompally on the NH44. Hyderabadi's along with family and friends can escape from the concrete jungle and city's hustle bustle to spend time in tranquility whenever they want without any elaborate planning. The Kandlakoya Oxygen Park is known for its rich biodiversity. It is situated at a high altitude and people go for treks and nature walks here. The park has a variety of trees, including medicinal plants, and is home to numerous species of birds and butterflies. The park also has a children’s area, a butterfly park and a tree

Narsapur Forest and Park

Narsapur Forest is located near Narsapur village, Medan District, Telangana State, India  home to exquisite flora and fauna, rock formations and ponds, is a perfect spot to unwind. This forest range that is spread over 30 sqkm in Narsapur village is just 45 km from Hyderabad and a perfect spot to unwind with friends. Brimming with a plethora of exquisite and fragrant flora and fauna, natural rock formations and ponds, you can set your adventure soul free here and wander through the remote forest areas. Say hello to birds, different species of butterflies and mischievous monkeys you spot all along the way. The well-defined paths lead to a stream that further takes you to a big secluded lake where you can spend some time strolling, relaxing and conversing. We recommend you return before darkness sets in. The whole path is around 11 km and takes around four to five hours to complete, in case you don’t take long breaks midway. Monsoon is the best season to visit here. Don’t worry that you

Octopus View Point

Octopus View Point is located close to the Domalapenta Forest Check post in Amarabad Tiger Reserve of Nallamala Forest, Amarabad Mandal, Nagarkurnool district, Telangana State, India. It was open to public by forest department on 13th October 2017 The Amarabad Tiger Reserve has a new tourist attraction. The Octopus Viewpoint became operational  as a part of the plan for the extension of eco-tourism activities at the reserve. The viewpoint is located 5 km before Domalpenta; and offers a view of the Krishna River and the adjoining forests. Mohan Chandra Paragein, field director of the Amarabad Tiger Reserve, said, "This strategic location has been picked after a lot of planning. This point provides a view of the backwaters of the Krishna, which resemble the tentacles of an octopus. We are also developing a watchtower and a forest trail for visitors." Every day around 70 tourists sign up for the safari conducted by the reserve which begins from Farahabad crossroads. Officials s

Lodhi Mallayya Temple and Waterfall

Loddi Mallana or Loddi Mallayya Temple is a place of pilgrimage inside the Mannanur range. Lodhi Mallana is a cave situated in front of a lake, with a Shivalinga present inside the cave.  Lodhi or Loddi means valley in local laguage and Mallana or Mallaya or Mallaiah are the names of Lord Siva, so its named Lodhi Mallaiah. The area is open to public only 1 day annually during Tholi Ekadashi in the month of July is an awesome place to catch up with a good trekking experience and worship Lord mallanna or shiva Lodhi Mallayya cave is called Telangana amarnath cave. The cave can be reached after a trek through a very beautiful Nallamalla forest.  It is located at about 10kms from Mannanur check post, Srisailam Road, from there (your journey starts from 65 km stone,right side) & 4 km by treking into valley there we can see near by 6 water falls and beautiful locations and shiva lingam of mallaiah swamy This place was referred to as Guptha Mallikarjuna in olden days. Historically duri

Kadalivanam Caves

Kadalivanam Caves are Located in the dense Nallamalla Forest (Amrabad Tiger Reserve) in Nagarkurnool District, Telangana state. Kadalivan or kardaliwan is another kshetra of Sri Datta Guru. This place is located in the interior of dense forestcalled Nallamala at the foot of Srisaila hill on the bank of Pathala Ganga.  To reach Kadalivanam Caves, you have to trek from Akka Mahadevi Caves. The most easy and appropriate way to reach the beautiful caves is first to take the rope way journey from Nallamala Hill top beside the Srisailam Mallikarjuna temple to Pathala Ganga. From Pathala Ganga you can take a motor boat on Krishna River to reach the nearest spot to the caves. From the spot it is a 10 minute trek to Akka Mahadevi Caves Kadali Vanam is a great Tapo sthanam in Srisaila kshetram. Its importance was described in Skhanda Puranam, Shiva Bhakta vijayam and many more Shaiva texts. Sree Nrisimha saraswati Swamy, the second incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swamy, ends his avatara here by d

Akka Mahadevi Caves or Swayambhu Shiva Mandir

Akka Mahadevi Caves is Located in the dense Nallamalla Forest (Amrabad Tiger Reserve) in Nagarkurnool District, Telangana state. It is located on the northern side of the river in Telangana about 18 km in Srisailam Dam back waters.These caves to be reached by boat. Another name of the cave is Swayambhu Shiva Mandir. The Akkamahadevi caves, primarily offer an adventurous thrill for the adventure tourist in you. The entrance of the cave of Akkamahadevi, to which there is an approximate of 150 meter trek into the cave to visit the sanctum. Murtis of Kapala Bhairava, Veerabhadra, Mahishasura Mardini and many other of medieval period are found at the entrance of Akka Mahadevi caves. Akka Mahadevi Caves are reached by a 1-hour-long boat ride on the river, and is located on the northern side of the river in Telangana are naturally formed caves and are located very near to the upstream of the river Krishna. Named after the famous philosopher Akka Mahadevi, these rock-cut caves are located on

Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Amrabad Tiger Reserve is located near Munnanur in Nallamala hills which is part of western ghats, Amarabad Mandal, Nagarkurnool district, Telangana State, India covers an area 2,760 square kms and second largest tiger reserve in the country in terms of core area. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) Report-2022 revealed that the Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) scored 78.7% and stood 28th among 51 tiger reserves in the country. FLORA The floral diversity is moderately rich as the landscape experiences a wide rain fall, altitude and edaphic gradients. The floral wealth has been estimated to be over that, there are 1400 taxa spread over 109 families. The ATR is having about 353 species in 88 families that are found to be medicinal properties. Dense grass occurs in 30% of the area and scattered in an additional 20%. Dominant tree species include Terminalia tomentosa, Hardwickia binata, Madhuca latifolia. Diospyros melanoxylon, Gardenia latifolia, Anogeissus latifolia, Chloroxylon s

Farahabad View point

Farahabad View Point or hill station is located near Munnanur inside Amrabad Tiger Reserve in Nallamalla Forest, Amrabad mandal, Nagarkurnool district of Telangana State. Altitude of the place is about 914 meters or around 3000 feet above sea level Farahabad literally translates to 'Mount Pleasant'. The place offers a stay in the wild, trekking and traditional ride through river. It is an ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers. The Tiger wilds jungle camp located here provides camping facilities. The spot is an eco-paradise, rich in Flora and Fauna, including tiger, neelgai, sambar and spotted deer. It is an area primarily utilized by the erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad for hunting and recreation.  Farhabad view point is about 9 kilometers from Farhabad entrance gate and it is part of Safari route. It is located in the dense Nallamalla Forest. This place also offers a traditional ride through the river which flows among the Nallamalla hills. Farahabad View Point 1 The

Mallaram Forest

The major attractions are forest treks, a pagoda and a tower which serves as a view point tower. The forest boasts of 1.45 billion years old rock that pulls you into lap of nature. Tourists rate it as a perfect place for adventure tourism and fun filled picnics. It is a complete woody and dense forest, home to migratory birds and animals. The pristine surroundings, fresh air and chirping of birds, you may not ask for more! A perfect surrounding that rejuvenates your energies away from the hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle, it is a heritage structure that is conserved with care. Fresh air, chirping of birds, dense forest and beautiful surroundings; Mallaram Forest is all about that. Away from hustle and bustle of urban lifestyle, the forest is located in Nizamabad and is well accessible by road. Breathtaking views from hillocks will leave you reluctant to go away from this place. It is an ideal area for trekking and to experience some thrill. From the viewpoint tower, you could have spec

Yelleswaragattu Island

Yelleswaragattu Island famously known as mysterious island, located near Kambalapally village, Chandampet Mandal, Nalgonda District of Telangana State in the middle of the backwaters of Nagarjunasagar Dam. This long-forgotten isle is 169 km away from Hyderabad and takes about three hours to reach. Drive to Kambalapally village, Chandampet Mandal, Nalgonda District . From there hike to Nagarajunasagar lake usually take 1 to 2 hours and then boat ride to Yelleswaragattu Island Trek along the fields and forest, as dry as the stretch we have crossed to reach there. Dry bushes holding on to their last green leaves, while many have all lost. We trudge along, till we come to the first sight of the lake. It is love at first sight! The mere sight of the bluer than sky water renews our energies. But, we have come to the edge and have to descend a steep slope of about 200 mts, filled with the similar dry and thorny bushes. Drive to vizag colony boating center in Peddamunigal village, Chandampet m

Pakhal Lake

Pakhal lake is situated amidst unspoiled forest in Pakhal wildlife sanctuary near Pakhalashoknagar Village, Khanapur Mandal, Warangal District, Telangana State, India. 'Pakhal' literally means 'a large container of water' and is a Sanskrit derivative. According to the inscription set up on the bund , it was constructed during Ganapatideva by Jagadalu Mummadi, son of the minister Bayyana Nayaka and Bachana nayaka around1213 AD, Maudgalya tirtha close to the temple of Siva-Ramanatha. By the side of the tank he built a splendid city called Ganapura and granted a mansion and five martula of land to Kavichakravarti. The Pakhal Lake is an eloquent testimony to the engineering expertise of the Kakatiyas. Many artificial lakes were constructed during the Kakatiya period. The average depth of the lake is from 30 to 40 ft. The lake is a reservoir created by dam across Pakhal river, tributary of the River Musi.It was built to serve as source of water for irrigational purpose.  Shi

Gundala Waterfalls

Gundala Waterfalls is located near Gundala Village in Tiryani Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad, Telangana, India. The scenic and lesser known nature wonder snuggles in the dense forests of remote Gundala village in Tiryani Mandal of Kumram Bheem Asifabad district. The spot is located around 300 kilometers from Hyderabad. A few hardcore nature lovers would tend to visit the spot by trekking treacherous rocky path for over 10 kilometers and wading flooding streams.  There are two routes to go, from Mancherial district. The route via Dandepally will lead you directly to a kilometer nearby to the waterfall. People who don't have much time and yet wanted to watch over the beauty of the waterfall has to choose this route. But the people who love to walk amidst of forest and cherish the beautiful green sceneries have to take the route to the waterfall via Thiryani. By this route, one has to stop their vehicles at rompapally village and has to walk ahead through the forest. It's an on-fo

Savatula Gundam Waterfalls

Savatula Gundam or Samthula Gundam or Samthulagundam Waterfalls is located around 3 kms from Venkatapur and Balhanpur Villages, Asifabad Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad District, Telangana, India. You need to hire local guides for this trekking. Directions from Asifabad

Jodheghat Valley / Museum

Komaram Bheem memorial, Smriti Vanam and a Museum is located in Jodeghat, Kerameri Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad District, Telangana, India. Bears witness to the culture of the indigenous people that live there. Legend has it that it was the same hillock where Kumram Bheem and his associates died fighting with the Nizam’s forces. This Kumram Bheem Memorial is a modern architectural structure inaugurated in October 2016. The museum exhibits photographs and paintings that show the day-to-day life of tribes. The tribal museum, part of the ₹ 25 crore complex mainly has exhibits, photographs and paintings depicting the day-to-day life of the different ethnic denominations in old Adilabad district. One can reach the museum on Kerameri highlands in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district by road through Kamareddy and Nizamabad. Along the drive that will stretch over seven and a half hours, you will find scenic valleys full of lush green trees. Apart from the museum, old waterfalls in the depths of fo

Muthyam / Mutyala Dhara Waterfalls

Muthyam / Mutyam / Mutyala / Muthyala Dhara or Jalapatham or Veerabadhram Waterfalls is located near Veerabadaravaram village of Venkatapuram Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District, Telangana, India, is the country's third-highest waterfall. Flowing from a height of 700 metres, the water is blown by strong winds, giving it an appearance of a long snake. Although the lack of basic facilities at the site makes it unfavourable for trekking, tourists and nature enthusiasts flock to the area, as they can take a 10-kilometre walk among nature to reach the waterfall, due to the lack of proper roads. The Bheemunipadam waterfall, meanwhile, is famous for its rainbows during sunrise and sunset. It also has a 10-kilometre-long cave that tourists can explore. The water falls from a height of around 70 feet, forming a 200-foot-deep pool in a semi-circular enclosure. As per local traditions, it is believed that bathing in the waterfall can be therapeutic as the water mixes with rare medicinal

Samudra lingapur waterfalls

Samudralingapur waterfalls is located near samudralingapur Village in Yellareddipet Mandal in Rajanna Sircilla District of Telangana State, India.

Vontimamidi or Ontimamidi lodhi waterfall

Vontimamidi lodhi or Ontimamidi lodhi waterfall is located in Mangavaigudem village, Venkatapuram mandal of Mulugu district in Telangana State. “People who want to visit this waterfall must take the help of the local tribals as they are aware of the paths in the forest. The tourists must also be prepared to walk in knee-deep slush and through the slippery boulders carefully to reach to this ‘heaven on earth’,”

Kortikal Falls

Kortikal waterfalls are located in kortikal and Bandam Ragadi villages. This waterfall is about 15kms from Kuntala waterfalls, nearly 15kms distance from nirmal and about 230kms distance from Hyderabad.  This miniature waterfall next to a highway is a pleasant place to break one’s journey en route to the interiors of Adilabad district. The water plunges from a short but wide rock formation into a vast pool below. However, the waterfall forms only during the monsoon season and during the rest of the year, you can only see the pool below or at most, a trickle. The water carries runoff from fields and is usually quite muddy. The height of the waterfall is low (5mtrs) when compare with other waterfalls near by the place but the flow of the water will be high in peak monsoons. There will be a pool at the bottom in which tourists play and also swim but one should be careful while swimming because in the bottom of the pool there will be rocks, while swimming they may hit. It is cautious

Ali Sagar Deer Park

The famous Ali Sagar Deer Park is located in the Nizamabad district of Telangana.  The landscape of the park has several hillocks and verdant gardens with flowers blooming in every colour. This is a perfect place for deers to take refuge offering them a haven. Ali Sagar in simple words is a very colorful and beautiful garden developed to attract picnickers from Nizamabad. If you wish to go on a short and rejuvenating trip, Ali Sagar is a right place. It offers a refreshing environment.  The Ali Sagarreservoir dates back to 1931, which was constructed by the Nizams who ruled the region then. The area is spread amid natural hillocks and lovely colourful flower gardens. The soothing lake and its awe inspiring surroundings are rich in scenic beauty and an eternal bliss to your eyes.  The Ali Sagar Deer park is situated near the reservoir. The park was established in 1985, and hosts many species of deer. This park serves a good picnic spot especially for kids. To add to its br