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Saleshwaram jatara

The annual Saleshwaram Jatara in the Nallamala forest area which comes under Amrabad Tiger Reserve  is celebrated every year on Chiatra Pournami or the Full Moon Day in April and is open to visitors for only 5 days.   Breath-taking views of the layered rock formations, deep valleys with spectacular views only found in the most exotic locations of the world. Saleshwaram is located 16 km away from  Farhabad forest checkpost  and t he temple comes under Appapur Gram Panchayat in Lingal mandal in Nagarkurnool district, Telangana, India. The ancient Sri Ramalingeshwara Swamy temple of 6th century AD, located deep inside Nallamala forest, is about 1,000 feet deep inside a valley. The scene of the temple in moonlight is a treat to the eyes and a blessing to the soul. The temple lies next to a beautiful waterfall, coming down from a height of over 200 metres. The water flows through the temple and the devotees take a holy dip in it before taking a climb into the Garbhagudi. The linga i

Nagarkurnool District

Headquarters         :  Nagarkurnool Revenue divisions    : 3 (Achampet, Kalwakurty and Nagarkurnool) Mandals              : 20 Population           :  893,308 Area (km2)           :  6,545.00 (2,527.04 sq mi) Literacy             : 53.68% Highways             : NH 167, NH 765, SH 5, SH 18, SH 20, SH 21 Rivers               : Krishna, Dindi Vehicle Registration : TS-31 Nagarkurnool district is one of the 31 districts in the state of Telangana. Nagarkurnool was carved out of Mahabubnagar district and was made as a district on October 11, 2016. Nagarkurnool was a district 100 years ago. It was a separate district during the period of 1794-1904. After a railway line was built to Mahabubnagar for the sake of easy transportation district headquarters was moved from Nagarkurnool. Nagarkurnool is the district headquarters with a population of 42,000. Nallamalla forest is located in Nagarkurnool district. Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which is the largest tiger reserve

Nallamala Hills

Nallamala Hills located in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is one of the most soothing hill stations,wrapped in an amazing beauty, shimmering gushing water, deep valleys and thick forests enchants the visitor’s mind and soul. Pennar and Krishna are two big rivers in this region and Nallamala hills are located between these two rivers. The two big peaks of this hill range are Bhairani at 1100 meters distance from the sea level and Gundla Brahmeswara at 1048 meters level. For most tourists taking the road to Srisailam, the view of the imposing dam with river Krishna’s waters gushing out of its gates and a darshan of Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy is not enough without a glimpse of dense Nallamala forest in Farahabad.

Umamaheshwaram Temple

Umamaheswaram (also known as Maheshwaram and Umamaheshrum) is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, located near Rangapur Village, Achampet Mandal, Nagarkurnool District, Telangana India on very tall hills of Nallamala forests and dates back to 2nd century A.D. Umamaheshwaram is the northern gateway of Srisailam — one of the jyotirlingas. It is mentioned in many Vedas that visit to a Srisailam without Umamaheswaram is incomplete. It is atop the hill properly covered by huge trees. Hill ranges shields the temple and 500 metres of stretch to PapaNasanam. Through the day hardly any sunlight falls on this stretch, thus maintaining the temperature below normal year round. It is popularly known as Poor Man’s Ooti.

Jatprole Temples

Jatprole or Jataprolu in Kollapur Mandal, Nagarkurnool District is popular for two temples known as Madana Gopala Swamy Temple and a group of Shiva temples including the famous Agasthyeswara Swamy . The temples were moved to Jetprole from the villages of Malleswaram and Manchalakota during the construction of Srisailam. Madana Gopala Swamy temple , also known as Venu Gopala Swamy temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It was built by Rajas of Jetprole during the 16th century. Lord Sri Krishna who is one of the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu is known as Madana Gopala when he is represented with Rukmini and Satyabhama or otherwise he is known as Venu Gopala Swamy.

Kollapur Madhava Swamy Temple

Madhava Swamy temple at Kollapur  was built by King Sri Surabhi Madhava Rayalu of the Jetprole Rajas of Jetprole during the 16th century A.D. on the left bank of River Krishna, at Manchalakatta village. The architecture of the temple is exceedingly beautiful. All around the temple walls the beautifully carved sculptures depict the 24 aspects of Vishnu and the Dasa-Avatars of Vishnu.  Due to the submergence under the waters of Srisailam Dam, the temple was shifted and transplanted at Kollapur in the year 1989 from Manchalakatta village. Temple Timings  : Morning: 6:00 am to 9:00 am, Evening: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm How to Reach Hyderabad Jedcherla - Nagarkurnool - Kolhapur 182 kms Kurnool Beechupalli - Nagarala - Kolhapur 113 kms Mahabubnagar Kothakota - Wanaparthi - Kothapally-Kolhapur 110kms Kollapur is famous for countless temples. Kollapur region is an area spanning the Nallamala forest area on the banks of the river Krishna in the Nagarkurnool district, in the st

Somasila Boating

Telangana Tourism department has launched Pontoon Boat services, on Krishna river, from Somasilaof Kollapur mandal in Nagarkurnool District to Srisailam. The boat has been named 'Somasila.' The boat will traverse 110 km in five hours, along the Krishna river. Tourists can view the scenery around from the open deck while travelling in the boat. The five-hour boat ride is expected to be a memorable one for nature lovers as the river courses its way through hills and valleys exposing tourists to exotic flora and fauna.

Somasila Temple

Sri Lalitha Someswara Swamy temple is a Hindu temple located at banks of Krishna River Somasila village in Nagarkurnool District of Telangana State, India. It is believed to have been built during the 7th century. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity here. Mahashivaratri and Karthika Pournami are celebrated here with much religious fervor. The temple was shifted from old Somasila village to higher altitude to protect it from being submerged in Krishna water during the construction of Srisailam Dam.

Jataprolu Kollapur Samsthana

Jataprolu Samsthana was also known as Kollapur estate. It is located in Nagarkurnool district in Telangana. It was one of the most ancient and historic Samasthanas. It is said that Pillalamarri Bethel Reddy was the founder of Samsthana. The samsthana capital was Kollapur town and it became center. Kollapur is a region that spans the Nallamala forest situated on the banks of River Krishna. Part of Telangana.  Kollapur is quite famous for mangoes as well as the presence of Aerodrome and helipad from as early as 1900 A.D. Because of the broad roads and neighboring tree plantations, people used to refer to Kollapur as Telangana Mysore. Kollapur samasthan has hundreds of temples with Someshwra, Malleshwara and Sangameshwara temples being the most prominent. Kollapura also show traces of treasures dating from the 2nd century. Most of the temples here are more than 1500 years old. A massive lift irrigation project work worth 1500 crores is going on near Kollapur. Of the tourist destinations,

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Mallelatheertham is the natural water fall in Nallamala Forests.   All around highest mountains and thick forests adds to beauty of the nature.  Mallela Theertham Waterfall located about 9 Kms away from Vatuvarlapalli village,  8 kms off the Hyderabad-Srisailam highway and at a distance of nearly 140 km from Hyderabad in Nallamalla Forest.  Deep within the thick deciduous forest lays the Mallela Theertham. The bumpy road and 250 muddy steps lead you down the valley to reach the waterfalls. This place is perfect for picnicking and bathing. The water from tiny stream gushes down the falls and flows through dense forest and finally mixes with Krishna River The state of Telangana has many wildlife destinations located in pristine forests. One among them is Mallela Theertham, which is located 8 kms off the Hyderabad-Srisailam highway and at a distance of nearly 140 km from Hyderabad in Nallamalla Forest. The region is a pristine tourist spot. The Krishna River flows close by here i