Lodhi Mallayya Temple and Waterfall

Loddi Mallana or Loddi Mallayya Temple is a place of pilgrimage inside the Mannanur range. Lodhi Mallana is a cave situated in front of a lake, with a Shivalinga present inside the cave. 

Lodhi or Loddi means valley in local laguage and Mallana or Mallaya or Mallaiah are the names of Lord Siva, so its named Lodhi Mallaiah.

The area is open to public only 1 day annually during Tholi Ekadashi in the month of July is an awesome place to catch up with a good trekking experience and worship Lord mallanna or shiva

Lodhi Mallayya cave is called Telangana amarnath cave. The cave can be reached after a trek through a very beautiful Nallamalla forest. 

It is located at about 10kms from Mannanur check post, Srisailam Road, from there (your journey starts from 65 km stone,right side) & 4 km by treking into valley there we can see near by 6 water falls and beautiful locations and shiva lingam of mallaiah swamy

This place was referred to as Guptha Mallikarjuna in olden days. Historically during medieval times, several Saivaite sects had performed their secret rituals at this place because it was highly inaccessible to normal people.