Nagavarma I

Name : Nagavarma I
Died : 21st February, 993 AD
Occupation : Poet, writer, and grammarian 
Notable Work : Karnataka Kadambari and Chandombhudhi

Nagavarma I was a noted Jain writer and poet in the Kannada language. His two important works, both of which are extant, are Karnātaka Kādambari, a champu (mixed prose-verse metre) based romance novel and an adaptation of Bana's Sanskrit Kādambari, and Chandōmbudhi (also spelt Chhandombudhi, lit, "Ocean of prosody" or "Ocean of metres"), the earliest available work on Kannada prosody which Nāgavarma I claims would command the respect even of poet Kalidasa

Jain Brāhmans are the Brahmins or Brāhmans who follow Jainism.

Nagavarma I was patronised by King Rakkasa Ganga (also called Rachamalla V, 986–999 CE) of the Western Ganga Dynasty.

Nagavarma - l in his Kādambari states that he received horses from Bhoja which were imported from Kalinga, Kāmbhōja and Bahlika countries. Aśvasāhaṇi was the officer who looked after the horses meant for warfare
21st February, A.D. 993 : Devulapalli, Narasapur Taluk, Medak.
This inscription is on a pillar outside the village in the bushes. It records the death of Nagavarma Pandita, a follower of Jaina faith and extols his greatness.