Muthyam / Mutyala Dhara Waterfalls

Muthyam / Mutyam / Mutyala / Muthyala Dhara or Jalapatham or Veerabadhram Waterfalls is located near Veerabadaravaram village of Venkatapuram Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District, Telangana, India, is the country's third-highest waterfall. Flowing from a height of 700 metres, the water is blown by strong winds, giving it an appearance of a long snake.

Although the lack of basic facilities at the site makes it unfavourable for trekking, tourists and nature enthusiasts flock to the area, as they can take a 10-kilometre walk among nature to reach the waterfall, due to the lack of proper roads.

The Bheemunipadam waterfall, meanwhile, is famous for its rainbows during sunrise and sunset. It also has a 10-kilometre-long cave that tourists can explore. The water falls from a height of around 70 feet, forming a 200-foot-deep pool in a semi-circular enclosure.

As per local traditions, it is believed that bathing in the waterfall can be therapeutic as the water mixes with rare medicinal herbs on its journey.

The waterfall height can be some 700 feet. If it is confirmed by taking measurements, it can be on par with the highest waterfalls of India, It is so high that the water does not fall to the ground directly. The flow of water is affected by the wind so that it appears like a long snake,”

Forest Walk and Trek along streams (Total around 20kms of Walk in forest )
Open to Anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast expecting no luxury/comfort and can adjust with basic amenities. Trek will be little difficult in water due to slippery surface and uneven stones.

Jul 27, 2023 - Telangana Floods
A group of 80 tourists visiting the picturesque Mutyaladhara waterfalls in Mulugu district found themselves in a perilous situation when the stream they had crossed earlier suddenly overflowed, leaving them stranded on their way back. The tourists were unable to cross the rapidly rising river and were forced to seek shelter in the nearby forest and were rescued by NDRF Team in the wee hours of Jul 27, 2023, Thursday. 

An alert was sounded to the authorities after which superintendent of police (SP) Gaush Alam sought the assistance of the district disaster response force (DRF), the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), and local police.

A team of 50 personnel from the DRF, NDRF, and the police were pressed into the rescue operations.
Officials tracked the location of the tourists through their mobile signals, ensuring an accurate and efficient rescue operation.

“No one was injured in the incident. However, one person did require medical attention. The rescued tourists were provided with food and medical assistance,” the SP said.


Before 6Kms from Bogatha Waterfalls you will find a Right turn to Venkatapuram Village
From Highway to Venkatapuram village, it is around 20Kms and from their drive Exactly 5Kms.
You will find one small village, can ask any local people about the waterfalls Mutyala Jalapatham or mutyam dhara or Veerabadhram Waterfalls.
For simple route from highway take road to venkatapuram village, go straight till 25.3Kms and you will find small sign board of waterfalls on your left.(Can confirm from local people)

Road condition is very good till Venkatapuram village.

Places to Stay
Laknavaram Lake – 4 Cottages & Couple of rooms available, we have to do advance booking.
Tadvai Forest Camp : 6 Cottages available, We have to do advance booking.
If you are not able to book any cottages or rooms in the above mention place, then you will find one lodge in Mulugu Town(Warangal) AC & non AC.

From Mulugu – Laknavaram Lake is 20kms approximately

From Laknawaram Lake - Tadvai Huts is 30Kms approximately