Sirnapalli Samsthanam

Sirnapalli Samsthanam is located in Nizamad district.

Sirnapally Waterfalls, Janaki Bai Waterfalls or Telangana Niagara Waterfalls are located at Sirnapally village in Indalwai Mandal. It is 20 kilometres from Nizamabad, Telangana.

Seelam/Sheelam Raja Ramalinga Reddy 

Seelam Janaki Bai 
Wife of Raja Ramalinga Reddy and Rani of Sirnapalli
Seelam Janaki built a pond that flows into Ramadugu Project. She constructed multiple ponds, including Manchippa Cheruvu (Pond) for drinking water.

Raja Narsa Goud (1866-1948) was a philanthropist known for his significant contributions to charities, especially those caring for people with leprosy. Raja Narsa Goud paid for the construction of the first water tank in Nizamabad and for further plumbing works with Cheelam Janakibai, head of Sirnapalli. Goud accepted the title of Raja, bestowed by Mir Osman Ali Khan. King George V gave a medal to Goud during a 1930 visit, in recognition of his service to his community. Raja Narsa Goud died on 4 April 1948 at the age of 82. His death occurred during the Standstill Agreement when Razakars paramilitaries were active. Goud's family were nervous of taking his body to the crematorium for fear of encountering violence, but Muslims that they met along the way helped to carry Narsa Goud's body with them, in respect for Goud's support of people of different castes and creeds.

Seelam Ram Boopal Reddy was a retired IAS officer.
Son of Raja Ramalinga Reddy