Narsapur Forest and Park

Narsapur Forest is located near Narsapur village, Medan District, Telangana State, India  home to exquisite flora and fauna, rock formations and ponds, is a perfect spot to unwind.

This forest range that is spread over 30 sqkm in Narsapur village is just 45 km from Hyderabad and a perfect spot to unwind with friends. Brimming with a plethora of exquisite and fragrant flora and fauna, natural rock formations and ponds, you can set your adventure soul free here and wander through the remote forest areas. Say hello to birds, different species of butterflies and mischievous monkeys you spot all along the way.

The well-defined paths lead to a stream that further takes you to a big secluded lake where you can spend some time strolling, relaxing and conversing. We recommend you return before darkness sets in. The whole path is around 11 km and takes around four to five hours to complete, in case you don’t take long breaks midway.

Monsoon is the best season to visit here. Don’t worry that you will get lost in the woods. You can easily navigate through Google Maps. Start early in the morning. The condition of the road is excellent and you can enjoy the ride through the countryside. There are small steep elevations but are easy to climb. You can start your trek from the Bonthapally temple.

Every path in the forest has something to explore. You’ll find no stalls for food and water around the forest range, so carry enough water bottles and snacks with you. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes.

Narsapur Forest Urban Park 

You can also visit the nearby Narsapur Forest Urban Park to get a stunning view of the whole forest from the watchtower. 

The entry fee is Rs 50. At the entrance, you can see the map of the place.

Distance: 36 km from Kukatpally, 75 kms from Gachibowli
What to remember: Food, drinking water, sturdy shoes
Be careful of: Snakes