Osman Sagar Lake

Osmansagar, also called Gandipet, is an excellent picnic spot located on outskirts of Hyderabad.

Osmansagar is among the two lakes located on the city’s periphery region supplying drinking water to the city. 

Osmansagar is a beautiful lake located 20 km. west of Hyderabad. The lake is a man made reservoir created by constructing a dam across the Isa, a tributary of Musi River.

The lake has an abutting bund with lush gardens, which provide an ideal ambience for an outing. The lake also houses a heritage building, Sagar Mahal, which was built as a resort by the Hyderabad Nizam and has been transformed into a lake resort by the department of Tourism.

Irrespective of whether it is summer or winter, the place is always crowded with streaming visitors. Mir Osman Ali Khan created this water body as part of the damming project of the river Musi in the year 1920. The idea was to supply drinking water for Hyderabad city. The lake spreads over an area of 46 sq.km and is the chief drinking water source for the twin cities.

Gandipet is a much sought after picnic spot for the people of Hyderabad and has been developed as a public recreation spot with landscaped gardens and swimming pool. Gandipet Lake beckons holidaymakers all over the year from all corners of twin cities. Tourists visiting Gandipet feel pleasant to see a vast stretch of placid water shimmering golden under the morning sun. The cool breeze and soothing ambience adds to the serene environment. Sprawling gardens with colorful flora, the vegetation and trees towards the dam’s lower sides makes the place truly picturesque. The lake also offers boating facilities to the visitors looking forward to a pleasant ride. People come along with family and friends for spending an entire day for having fun. There are snacks and drinks available at the local cafeteria. After a good monsoon, the reservoir is replenished and fills to the brim, which is again a breathtaking sight

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