Natavadi Chiefs

The Natavadis or Natavatis ruled over Natavadi vishaya from c.1050 AD - 1269 AD with capital at Madapalli (Khammam). 

1101 AD : Their earliest inscription found in Narsampet in Warangal District.

Madapalli has been identified with the village Madapalle near Madhira, Khammama district, which gains support from the Nidikonda inscription. So there is no probability of its identity with the village Madepalle near Ellore.

Natavadi chiefs, were originally subordinates of Western Chalukyas. Later on, they shifted their loyalty to the Kakatiyas.

c.1050 AD : Beta Kshanipalaka figuring in the Inugurti inscriptions was probably the earliest Natavadi chief known so far and father of Durgaraja. He may be placed tentatively around 1050 AD.

1104 AD - 1157 AD : Durga 
He issued records of him own. His earliest inscription is from Nidikonda in Nalgonda district dated in the 29th year of C.V. era. Corresponding to December 24, 1104 AD. Durga is mentioned as Dugga and Duggaraja in the record and as Duggabhupathi in the Inugurti record of his son Budha.

Subordinate of Vikramaditya VI of the Chalukyas of Kalyani. Durgaraja’s loyalty to Chalukyas might have continued throughout the reigns if Vikramaditya VI and Somesvara III till about 1140 AD.

Durga was on friendly relations with Dora I (1118 -1161 AD) of the Chagis, Bhima I, Bhima II (1149-1195 AD) of the Konakandravadis in the starting and may have lost his life to Bhima II in 1157 AD.

Kakatiya Prola II (1116 - 1157) married Muppamamba, sister of Durga.

1157 AD - 1201 AD : Budha was the son and successor of Durga.
Buddha acknowledged the supremacy of Kaktiya under Rudradeva.
The Kundavaram inscriptions says that Kakatiya ruler Mahadeva married his daughter Kundamika to Rudradeva son of Budha.

1201 AD - 1248 AD : Rudra I was second son of Budha and the greatest of Natavadis.
Wife : Kundamika daughter of Mahadeva.

1248 AD - 1269 AD : Rudra II

The History of Andhra Country, 1000 A.D.-1500 A.D.

By Yashoda Devi