Malyala Chiefs

Founder : Danna Senani
Forts : Sankisapura (Dornakal, Khammam), Malyala, Kondaparthi, Vardhamanapuram (Mahabubnagar)


1076 AD - 1120 AD : Danna Senani
Capital : Sankisapura (Khammam)
Stated to be lord of the town Malyala.
General of Beta II (1076 - 1108) to Prola II (1116 - 1157) in Polavasa, Manthrakutamu and Kandur battles.

He has 2 sons Danna ruling from Sankisapura (Khammama) and Bachavarudhini who was ruling from Vardhamanapura (Mahabubnagar).

Sankisapura (Khammam) Branch

Sabba Senani son of Danna Senani
Capital : Sankisapura
Wife : Aachamma

1181 AD : Kata Senani Son of Sabba Senani
Capital : Sankisapura
General of Kakatiya Rudra Deva (1158 - 1195) took active part in capturing Dharanikota.

1181 AD : Defeated Rajendra Choda II (1161–1181) of Velanati Chodas.

Built Trikutesvaralyam

Potha Senani Son of Kata Senani
Capital : Sankisapuram
General of Prataparudra, Mahadeva & Ganapati Deva

1195 AD - 1203 AD : Chaunda Senani Son of Kata Senani
Lived in Kondaparthi near Orugallu as a general of army protecting the Fort.
Built Chaundeshwaralaya Temple.
Wife : Mailamma (Viriyala Family)
Married the only daughter of Viriyala Annaya and Aitama.
General of Prataparudra, Mahadeva & Ganapati Deva.

The Kakatiyas launched a military campaign into the Krishna delta region in 1201, with an army commanded by Malyala Chaunda.

Maillamma issued Katkur (Karimnagar) inscription in 1202 AD, which explains both Malyala and Viryala families.

Chaunda issued Kondaparti (Warangal) inscription in 1203 AD.

As a commander-in-chief of Kakatiya armies, gets the credit for Subjugating coastal Andhra, particularly defeating prithvisara, Velanati Chief.

Vardhamanapura (Mahabubnagar) Branch

Bachavarudhini son of Danna
Capital : Budapura
Wife : Bachamba

1245 AD - 1276 AD: Malyala Gunda Senani son of Bachavarudhini
Capital : Budapura, Vardhamanpura
Wife : Kuppambika (younger sister of Gona Ganna Reddy)
General of Ganapatideva, Rudramdevi

18th August, A.D. 1259. : Bothpur
The very beautiful celestial creeper of Kuppambika, born in the great milky ocean of the Gona dynasty, an eternal ornament to the forest of Malayala dynasty, (and one who was) honoured by the learned men (the gods), bears fruit along with him.

10th August, A.D. 1271 : Bothpur, Mahaboobnagar District. 
This inscription is on a stone pillar in the Masjid. Dated S. 1194. Amgirasa, Sravana su. 15, Wednesday, Lunar eclipse (A.D. 1217, a. 10). Records the construction of a tank after the name of his master Ganapatideva by Malayala Gunda and the gift of some Vrttis behind it to Brahmans who performed religious ceremonies. Among the donees several learned brahmins including a certain Tarani ganti Isvarabhattopadhayaulu are mentioned. He is probably identical with the poet Isvarasuri son of Mayuraraya the composer of the inscription who is said to have been proficient in Paninian grammar and Vichitra-kavita. The inscription was composed by Isvara Suri, son of Mayuraraya.

1272 AD : Bothpur
This inscription was composed by the famous Isvara-suri or Isvara-bhattopadhyaya, son of Mayuaraya who was well versed in citra-kavitva,Panini`s grammar and Yajur-veda including its pada order. There is a Padma-bandha in this inscription which refers to the scribe as Viraya-suri, and gives his father`s name as Acaya.

1276 AD : Budapuram, Vardamana Puram are the centres for Malyala Kings who were the Feudatories of Kakatiyas. These kings helped to Kakatiyas in many wars during the period of Ganapathi Deva, Rudramadevi and Prataparudra. Malyala Kappambhika, wife of Gunda Dandadeswara constructed a temple at Budapuram (Bhoothpur) in 1276 A.D.

Buddapuram (Present Bhoothpur) and Vardhamana Puram (Nandi Vaddeman,Near Bijinapalle) are the centers for Malyala Kings. These kings helped to Kakatiyas in many wars during the period of Ganapathi Deva, Rudrama Devi and Prataparudra. After Malyala Gundanna's death, His wife, Malyala Kappambhika constructed a temple known as Budddeshwaralayam at Bhoothpur.

Bachaya Boppana

Ganapthai Deva

Parvtaha Mallu