Induluri Chiefs

Family of Induluri Chiefs more or less the whole of Vengi and beyond  the Godavari and protected Kakatiya Kingdom for a long time.

Nana Gaura
Devotee of Siva and a resident of the village Induluru, after which the family got its name. Migrated to Hanamkonda.

Peddamalla and Pinnamalla (sons of Nana Gaura)
Served Kakatiya King Rudradeva as ministers. When Rudradeva shifted the capital from Hanamkonda to Warangal, he made Peddamalla Commander in chief and Chinnamalla chief accountant.

Soma-mantri and Peda Ganna (sons of Peddamalla)
Under Kakatiya King Ganapatideva, led expedition to eastern parts of  Andhra namely Gogulanadu, Kolanu and Kalinga. 

Kolanu in Vengimandala ruled by Kesavadeva was defeated by soma-mantri and annexed his territory to Kakatiya Kingdom and was appointed as the governor of Kolanu for his services.

1291 AD : Manuma Ganna (son of Soma-mantri)
Served under Kakatiya Rudramadevi as commander and fought with  Kayastha chief Ambadeva.

The first Kakatiya offensive took place in 1291 and was commanded by Manuma Gannaya, son of Induluri Soma-mantri, and Annayadeva, son of Induluri Peda Gannaya. This offensive was directed against Tripurantakam in the northern part of Ambadeva's territory. While the exact details of this campaign are unknown, it seems that Ambadeva was defeated and fled south to Mulikinadu. The record of the Kakatiya general Annayadeva at Tripurantakam occurs just two months after the last record of Ambadeva at that place, with both records occurring in the same year (Saka 1213, i.e. 1291 C.E.). Thus, it seems that Tripurantakam, and probably the surrounding territory as well, was reconquered by the Kakatiyas from Ambadeva during those two months. 

1291 AD : Induluri Annayya (son of Peda Ganna)
Ruled Vengi region with his capital at Suravaramu and entrusted the fort of Rajamahendra to his nephew Parvata Mallu and the fort of Racharla to the son-in-lw of Manuma Ganna.

Kakatiya Rudramadevi offered her third daughter Ruyyama in marriage to this chief.

He is one of the loyal ministers of Prataparudra and commanded the fifth battalion of Kakatiya military cadets, consisting of one lakh foot soldiers and 12 thousand cavalry. 

He was entrusted with the defense of stone fort of Orugallu (Warangal) during muslim invasion.

He was the chief General who led the campaign over Kayastha chief Ambadeva and seized enemies seventy two forts.

Kolanu Rudra (son of Manuma Ganna)
Great scholar and administrator. He served under Kakatiya Pratapa Rudra as mudrapaka, officer in charge of the Royal seal.
Governor of the region between Warangal and Simhachala, perhaps the region covered Bhadrachalam in the North, with his capital at Kolanuvidu.

He is credited with victory over Pandyas in 1316 AD.

He has a title Vyakarana brahma (the propounder of grammar) for the authorship of the grammitical work of the form of a commentary called Rajarudriya on Slokavarttika which is said to have been quoted by Patanjali.

Kakatiyas of Warangal by Dr. P.V.Parabrahma Sastry