Wazeed Bogatha Waterfall

Bogatha Waterfall is located in Koyaveerapuram G, Wazeed Mandal, Mulugu district, Telangana.

The waterfall is said to be the second highest in Telangana State.

A beautiful waterfall situated in the dense forest region between Kaleswaram and Bhadrachalam, Bogatha falls is formed on Chikupally Vagu that merges with River Godavari. Situated amidst thick vegetation, Bogatha Falls is a favorite picnic spot for the residents of nearby villages. Dropping from a height of over 30 feet in several parallel streams, the water is collected into a large pool at the bottom of the falls. Swimming in the pool is a favorite activity here and swimming here is considered safe.

There is a temple dedicated to Bogateswara Swamy near the temple. The upper part of the falls can be reached from the temple.

As motorable road is not available, visitors need to trek for some distance. Visiting this waterfall gives an excellent opportunity to those who are interested in trekking and looking for a chance to indulge in adventure sport.

Everyone must carry water and food, as there is no restaurant to and shops to provide you the amenities at water falls.

It is located 120 Km from Bhadrachalam, 140km away from Warangal and 329Km from Hyderabad. As the newly constructed Eturnagaram bridge on NH 163 reduced the distance to 329km from 440km. 

How to Reach
30 Km From Eturnagaram. In order to reach the falls from Eturnagaram, drive past Godavari Bridge and reach Chikupally village which is 11 km from New Godavari River bridge past Jagannathapuram village. From Chikupally, take right turn and drive for less than 500 meters and take a right turn again towards Bogatha Falls. The road from here runs through rocky terrain for about 1 km from where visitors need to walk for a distance of 500 meters to reach the falls. Two wheelers can reach pretty close to the falls.

120 km from Bhadrachalam. From Bhadrachalam, village Koyaveerapuram G can be reached by road. Bhadrachalam can be easily reached from Hyderabad by road.

133kms via NH163 from Warangal to bogatha waterfalls, duration of travel is almost 3hours 

329Km from Hyderabad. As the newly constructed Eturnagaram bridge on NH 163 reduced the distance to 329km from 440km. 

Where to eat: Visitors need to carry food including water from Bhadrachalam, as there are hardly any food shops there.

Where to stay
 Major nearby town with hotels is Manuguru. At Bhadrachalam, lodge houses are available at reasonable prices.

Best Time to Visit Bogota Jalapatham
Even though water flows throughout the year, Good time to visit is after monsoon between June & November.