Jayashankar Bhupalpally

Jayashankar Bhupalapally is a district in the Indian state 
of Telangana was made as a district on October 11, 2016. 

The district headquarters are located at Bhupalpally. It was a part of the Warangal district prior to the re-organisation of districts in the state.

Jayashankar district was named after Acharya Jayashankar who was a prominent activist in Telangana Movement. District headquarters is located at Bhupalpally, 

Jayashankar district is bounded on north and north east by Gadchiroli district and Bijapur district of Maharashtra and Chattisgarh respectively, on east by Bhadradri district, on south by Mahabubabad district and Warangal district, on west by Peddapalli district.

Head Quarters        : Bhupalpally
Revenue divisions    : 2 (Bhupalpally and Mulug )
Mandals              : 20 
Population           : 750,000
Area (km2)           : 6,175 square km(2,384 sq mi)
Literacy             : 60.32%
Highways             : NH 163
Rivers               : 
Godavari, Pranahita and Maneru
Vehicle Registration : TS 25

Natural Resources
Coal, Forest and Godvari River

District with  highest Forest Cover in Telangana State - Tadvai and Eturnagaram

Major Projects - Under Construction
Kaleshwaram (Medigadda) project is located in this district. 

Medium Projects
Gundlavagu project is an ongoing Medium Irrigation scheme proposed across the river Gundlavagu, a minor tributary of Godavari near village Pragallapally in Wazeedu mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally District of Telangana. This scheme envisages construction of an earthen dam for a length of 508m and H.C weir of length 51m. The project is proposed to irrigate an ayacut of 1,045 ha (2,580 acres) under right and left bank canals benefitting five tribal villages of Wazeedu Mandal.

Ramappa Lake Project was constructed across the Medivagu & Polavagu River / Stream, which is a tributary to the Godavari River.
The Project is located near Palampet village, Venkatapur Mandal.The scheme is intended to irrigate an ayacut of 5000 Acres 

Malluruvagu Project was constructed across the Malluruvagu River / Stream, which is a tributary to the Godavari River. The Project is located near the Narsimhasagar village, Mangapet Mandal to irrigate a total ayacut of 7504 acres

Medium Projects - Under Construction
Modikuntavagu project is proposed across Modikuntavagu near Krishnapuram (V), Wazeedu (M), proposed to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 13591 acres benefitting 35 villages in Wazeedu (M). Provides drinking water facilities to the enroute 35 villages for a population of 12,000 in Wazeedu

Palemvagu project is a Medium project across Palamvagu (Jellavagu) a Minor tributary of the Godavari river near Mallapuram village in venkatapuram Mandal. The proposed ayacut under the project is 4100 ha. during Khariff and 820 ha. during Rabi season. Besides the above, the project also provides rural drinking water for 39 Tribal Villages in Venkatapuram Mandal.

Singareni Colleries
KTPP (Kakatiya Thermal Power Station) is located near Chelpur village in this district.

Ramappa temple
Sammakka Saralamma Jatara or Medaram Jatara, the largest tribal festival in the world, is held in this district. It is believed that after Khumba Mela, the Medaram Jataram attracts the largest number of devotees in the country.
Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Kodavatancha or Kotancha village, Regonda mandal
Wazeed Bogatha waterfalls
Mallur Natural Springs and Narasimha Swamy Temple

Eturu Nagaram is the largest ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Authority).
In order to make Telangana an attractive destination for eco-tourism and tribal tourism, Government of Telangana is developing Integrated Development of connecting Mulugu - Laknavaram - Medaram -Tadvai - Damarvai - Mallur - Bogatha Waterfalls

Singareni Colleries has mini stadium, Swimming Pool,Indoor tennis and Hockey stadium, Gym. Coal India Level Tournaments are held each year and participants come from All over India. Two Cinema Theaters are present.

Bhupalpalle Revenue Division Mandals - 11


Ghanpur (Mulug) 

Maha Mutharam

Mulugu Revenue Division Mandals - 9