Head Quarters        : Mahabubabad
Revenue divisions    : 2 (Mahabubabad and Thorrur )
Mandals              : 16 
Population           : 770,170
Area (km2)           : 2,876.70 square km(1,110.70 sq mi)
Literacy             : 57.05%
Rivers               : Munneru
Forest Cover         : 1,31,530 hectares
Vehicle Registration : TS 26
District Collector   : Preeti Meena

Mahabubabad is a district in the Indian state of Telangana. It was a part of the Warangal district prior to the re-organisation of districts in the state on October 11, 2016. It is on the west bank of the Munneru, which is one of the tributaries of the River Krishna.

District headquarters is situated at Mahabubabad town, which has a population of 42,851. Thorrur is the second largest town with a population of 19,000.

Manukota comes from Mranukota. In Telugu the meaning of 'Mranu' is 'tree' and that of 'Kota' is 'fort'. In English it translates as 'fort made of trees'. In earlier days Manukota used to be covered with plenty of trees like a fort. Later it happened to spell as Manukota.

Mahabubabad derived its name from one of its past rulers, Mahabub who is one of the officials, of H'ble Nizam. Before Independence, he once arrived at Manukota where he stayed outside the town in a place which is called Shikarkhana. The name of Manukota by the passage of the time, hence changed to Mahabubabad.

Largest population of scheduled tribes in Telangana are living in this district, which is 45 per cent of total population of the district.

Every year on Dussehra festival nation flag is hoisted in Garla. 

Natural Resources
Iron Ore, Forest and Munneru River

Bayyaram Mines are iron ore mine located in Bayyaram come under Mahabubabad district.

1,31,530 hectares of area is under forest in this district.

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Anantharam

Railway : Mahabubabad Railyway Station
Road     :  NH 563, NH 365, NH 365 A, SH 3

Medium Irrigation
Pakhal Lake
Pakhal lake which is source of irrigation in Khanapur and Narsampet mandals. The lake has rich historical importance and was constructed by Kakatiya King Pratap Rudra in 1213 A.D. The terrain is undulating and hilly. The sanctuary forms partly the catchment for two drainage systems one draining into the Godavari river through Laknavaram tank and the other join Krishna river through Munner tributary.  
Intended to irrigate an ayacut of 18193 acres.

Mr Harish Rao unveiled a 45-foot long Mission Kakatiya pylon on the shore of Madhannapet tank. He promised that Narsampet will always have surplus of water as the state government is taking steps to bring Godavari water to Pakhal Lake through Devadula. After initiating the desiltation and beautification works of Madhannapet tank, Mr Rao said that a tank bund will be built on the shore of the tank as part of the beautification work.

Speaking about the efforts of the state government in providing irrigation water to the people, he said that efforts are on to build 12 check dams along Vattivagu, Munneru, Nacharam, Chinna Kommala, Makdumpur tanks. The state government aims to bring water from the Kaleshwaram project into the SRSP canals.

“We will provide water throughout the year once the project is completed at Thupakulagudem.

Bayyaram tank
The Large Tank, Bayyaram was constructed in 13th century during KAKATIYA DYNASTY by Mailamba sister of Ganpatideva across Munneru River near Bayyaram Village and Mandal.

Initially the ayacut under this source is about 5400 Acres. Subsequently after restoration the farmers have developed their ayacut to an extent of 7200 Acres. The beneficiaries covered under this project are poor tribals living in Irsulapuram, Pedda Tallasgadda, Cherlapally, Kothapeta, Gandampally and Bayyaram Vilalges in Bayyaram mandal.

The immense irrigation potential of the historic Bayyaram Cheruvu, continues to remain untapped. The accumulation of enormous volume of silt in the tank has drastically reduced its storage capacity, thereby denying the assured irrigation facilities to the ayacutdars of nearly 12 villages in Bayyaram and Garla mandals, sources said.

The ambitious plan to modernise the 30 km-long canal system of the Bayyaram Cheruvu, the irrigation tank dating back to Kakatiya era, in Bayyaram mandal has been lying in cold storage for quite a long time.

There are two revenue divisions in Mahabubabad district namely Mahabubabad and Thorrur. This district is further divided into 16 mandals. Mahabubabad and Dornakal Assembly constituencies come under this district.

Mahabubabad Revenue Division Mandals (9)

Thorrur Revenu Division Mandals (7)