Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan

Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan is in Wanaparthy district.
Founder : Sri Gopal Reddy
Capitals : Initially Thippadam valley. Later the capital was shifted to Atmakur on the left bank of Krishna River.

Surname of the family is Mukkaravaru.

1268 AD - 1278 AD : Sri Gopal Reddy
The ancestor of Amarchinta Samthanam, Gopal Reddy was the native of Chandragiri which is situated 11 kms away from Tirupathi Gona Ganna Reddy (A.D.1262-1296) one of the feudatories of Kakatiyas when visited Thirupathi developed an acquaintance with Gopal Reddy and invited him to Vardhamanpura which is presently called Waddeman. He was made as Nadagoud of thirty of forty villages in Makthalparagana and given the responsibilities of extending the irrigational facilities and collection of revenues

Pedda Gopi Reddy are Gopi Reddy are sons of Sri Gopal Reddy
1278 AD - 1350 AD : Chinna Gopi Reddy I
Gopal Reddy’s sons Pedda Gopi Reddy and Chinna Gopi Reddy further established their supremacy in this region. They were also bestowed with several other villages in Amarachinta, Waddeman, Utkur and Kodechurparaganas by Gona Kata Reddy, the sons of Gona Buddha Reddy. Their position had increased from Nadagoud to Sarnadagoud. 

After the fall of the Kakatiyas in A.D.1323 this region went into the hands of Bahamani Sultans. Owing to their local power base, their position was recognised by the new over-lords i.e., the Muslim Sultans of Bahamani Kingdom. The Bahamani Sultans further enhanced their power in recognition of their services such as suppressing the rebellious Zamindars in neighbouring provinces. Raja Ram one of the Zamindar in the Raichur provinces when rebelled against the Bahamani Sultan Hasan Gangu, Chinna Gopi Reddy raided with his forces the Zamindari of Rajaram and took him captive to Padusha [Sultan]. For such valour the Bahamani Sultan bestowed on him the revenue and military powers on pancha mahals i.e.,
Makthal, Utkur, Amarchinta, Waddeman, Kadechur in addition to Muzafarnagar.

1350 AD - Chandra Reddy
Ramakrishna Reddy
After the battle of Tallikota (A.D.1565) the Amarchinta provinces came under the influence of Qutubshahi’s of Golkonda. 

Tirumala Reddy

Tirumala Rao
During the times of Thirmal Rao the entire Jagirs and inams belonging to Gopal Reddy family of Amarchita was divided between Saheb Reddy and Gopi Reddy, the sons of Tirumala Rao

1655 AD : Sahebu Reddy I
Saheb Reddy became the chief of Kodechur, Makthal and Utkur Paraganas Waddeman and Amarchinta were taken over by Gopi Reddy-II. But within short period Saheb Reddy family lost its sway over all the
Paraganas which were under its control.
1653 AD - 1675 AD : Emmedi Gopi Reddy II
In A.D. 1653 Gopi Reddy-II helped in suppressing the rebel leaders Venkat Rao and Gopal Rao of Gurramgudda (an Island) for which deed the Kutubshahi Sultan (Abdulla Kutubsha) bestowed on him the Jagirs of Allipuram and Muchintala. He was also made Munsabdar of 500 footmen and 200 cavalries 
Contemporary of Abdullah Qutub Shah (1626 to 1672) who acknowledged his help in the war. 
Became the ruler of Amarachinta and Vaddaman.
He became one of the most prominent mansabdars in Golkonda . He built tankbunds at Muchintala, Pillalamarri villages and dug a tank at Fareedpur

1675 AD - 1680 AD : Sarva Reddy
Helped Aurangzeb.
Later his son Sarva Reddy continued the tradition and provided several irrigational facilities in the region. He dug a channel from Bandravalli stream to the neighbouring villages. He also built an ayacut at Pusalapadu


1680 AD - 1687 AD : Chinna Reddy Desai
Built a fort at Amarachinta and made it Samsthanams capital.
From the times of Chenna Reddy, the son of Sarva Reddy this family became politically strong local potentant and their services as mansabdars gradually disappeared and became almost independent little king in this region. This new phase was marked by the act of construction of a fort in the year A.D.1680 at Amarchinta which became the capital of the Samsthanam

Saiva Reddy
Thimma Reddy I
Emmadi Saheb Reddy I
Asaf jahi invaded Karnataka and sought the help of Saheb Reddy in the war and gave the title Savai Raja
Bukka Reddy
Lakshma Reddy
Sheshadri Reddy
Thatha Reddy
Thimma Reddy II
Somi Reddy
Chinna Venkat Reddy
1803 AD : Pedda Venkat Reddy

Balakrishna Reddy

Soma Bhupala

Sitaram Bhupala

Srimanth Savai Raja

Sri Rama Bhupala

Savai Rani Bhagya Laximmama

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