Jataprolu or Jatprole Kollapur Samsthanam

Jataprolu or Jatprole Kollapur Samsthanam was also known as Kollapur estate. It is located in Nagarkurnool district in Telangana.

It was one of the most ancient and historic Samasthanas. It is said that Pillalamarri Bethel Reddy was the founder of Samsthana.

The samsthana capital was Kollapur town and it became center.

Kollapur is a region that spans the Nallamala forest situated on the banks of River Krishna. Part of Telangana.

Kollapur is quite famous for mangoes as well as the presence of Aerodrome and helipad from as early as 1900 A.D. Because of the broad roads and neighboring tree plantations, people used to refer to Kollapur as Telangana Mysore.

Kollapur samasthan has hundreds of temples with Someshwra, Malleshwara and Sangameshwara temples being the most prominent. Kollapura also show traces of treasures dating from the 2nd century. Most of the temples here are more than 1500 years old.
A massive lift irrigation project work worth 1500 crores is going on near Kollapur. Of the tourist destinations, it is worth to watch famous SOMASILA temple, which is located just 9 km away from Kollapur. Recently long awaited bitumen road is also laid from Kollapur to Somasila.

The Madhava Swamy temple at Kollapur was originally built by the Rajas of Jetprole during the 16 th century A.D. on the left bank of river Krishna, at Manchalakatta. The architecture of the temple is exceedingly beautiful.

All around the temple walls the beautifully carved sculptures depicting the 24 aspects of Vishnu and the Dasa-Avatars of Vishnu. Various pillars supporting the Mandapa, the Garudalaya add beauty to the temple complex.

Due to the submergence under the Srisailam project reservoir, this temple was shifted and transplanted at Kollapur.
Surabi was the surname of the rulers and they belong to Recherla Gothram.

Mada Naidu Krishna

1507 AD : Malla Bhupathi Naidu

1650 AD : Surabhi Madhava Raya
Author of the Chandrika Parinayam

1694 AD : Narasinga Rao

1850 : Surabhi Lakshama Rao

1851 - 1884 AD : Lakshami Jagannada Rao

1884 - 1929 AD : Raja Venkata Lakshama Rao

1929 AD : Rani Venkata Rathnamma

1948 AD : Raja Surabhi Venkata Jaganadha Rao