Ananthagiri Hills (Vikarabad)

Ananthagiri Hills are about 90 kilometers from Hyderabad and 6 kilometers from Vikarabad. It is a forest area in Rangareddy District and the starting point of the Musi River.

The Ananthagiri Hills area is where Osmansagar and Himayathsagar originate and is some 100 km from Hyderabad and hardly 10 km from Vikarabad. Hundreds of families from the twin cities throng the hills on Sundays and holidays.

The lush greenery in the hills is captivating and attracts many visitors, who want to escape from city life. Ananthagiri is also home to a Vishnu temple called the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. During the weekends, devotees throng to the temple.

Ananthagiri offers many trekking and camping opportunities. There are two trekking trails in the forests, one that begins from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and another that begins about 0.5 kilometres from the temple, towards Kerelli. Deccan Trails is the camping site in Ananthagiri Hills and offers a wonderful opportunity to spot the wildlife inhabiting the surrounding forests.

Ananthapadmanabha swamy Temple is one of the prime attractions in Ananthagiri hills. it had been build by nizam nawabs, 400 years ago and has big historic importance. Most of the people visit this temple 1st and then proceed to trekking.

Nagasamudram lake or kotipally reservoir is set at a distance of regarding 20km from ananthagiri hills. Lake is big, clear and it offers picturesque views in Monsoon, because it is completely filled with water.

Best time to visit Anantagiri Hills is rainy reason.

How to Reach Ananthagiri Hills

From Hyderabad, there are two ways for reaching ananthagiri hills through vikarabad. One route is Hyderabad – APPA Junction (outer ring road) – Chilkur – Moinabad -Chevella – Manneguda – Vikarabad (approx 60km from APPA junction).

And the other route is JNTU(KPHB) – BHEL – Patancheru – Rudraram – Sadasivpet(turn left) – Mominpet – Kothagadi – Vikarabad (approx 90km). After reaching Vikarabad, proceed towards Ananthagiri road.