Kakatiya Inscriptions

25 March 1261 : Malkapuram Inscription No. 395. (A. R. No. 94 of 1917.)

Erected on a huge granite pillar measuring 14.6 X 2.9 X2.9 feet, the inscription has 182 lines engraved in Sanskrit and Telugu indicating the birth of Rudrama Devi, extent of land donated to Visweswara temple and lists out the charitable works taken up in the village including, a rest house, a maternity home and a hospital attached to the temple.

Historical texts suggest that Ganapati Deva had gifted the two villages of Mandadam and Velagapudi to Sivacharya, spiritual preceptor of Golaki Matham at Mandadam.

It is also interesting to note that food and medicine at the matham was provided to all people irrespective of caste and creed in those days, a symbol of benevolence of the Kakatiya dynasty Professor Nagi Reddy said.
The inscription also referred to an educational building, presumably a college for teaching Sanskrit and Shivite texts.


Bayyaram Inscription