Kailash Fort

Kailash Fort is just 160 km from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad-Sangareddy-Nanded road but hardly anyone knows about the 9th century fort constructed by Rashtrakutas. The fort has wells, temples, dargahs, cannons and godowns. 

1857-58 AD :  Raja Kunwar Deep Singh Gaur
The fort has a rich history and rose to prominence in 1857-58, Raja Kunwar Deep Singh Gaur trained troops inside the fort and was later poisoned for three years.

Col A K Singh, the 10th generation scion of the Gaur Rajputs is now fighting a lone battle to save the fort from crumbling. He says, “The fort is unique in many ways, it has the longest cannon in Telangana, has 52 bastions and the fort is oval shaped and is approximately 1500 mtrs long and 1000 metres wide.

It has the potential to become a major tourist attraction only if the government is willing.” Neglected and forsaken, the fort is surrounded by three water bodies and two temples; Balaji mandir and Ram and Hanuman mandir. “The 1000 year old Balaji mandir and the longest cannon can be major attractions.

The fort can be developed as an eco-tourist spot as there is jungle area, ample provision for trekking and enough flora and fauna, avers Jaswant Singh, a resident of Toopran.