Jayashankar Bhupalpally District History

Vijayanagara Empire
1377 AD - 1404 AD : Harihara Raya II 

1397 AD : Prince Devaraya (1406 AD - 1422 AD)  son of Harihara Raya II
28th February, A.D. 1397 : Kaleshwaram.
This inscription is on one pillar of 16-Pillared mandapa of Muktesvara temple from Kaleshwaram, dated Saka 1319, Isvara, 1st day of the year, Wednesday, corresponding to the 28th February 1397 A.D., states in a verse in Sardulavikridita that Devaraya, the son of Harihara, performed the tulapurusha on the occasion of his digvijaya. It was obviously under orders of his father Harihara that Prince Devaraya undertook this campaign of Conquest. The Velugoyivarivamsavali alludes to a number of clashes of the Velamas, who sided with the Bahmani Sultans, with the Vijayanagara kings (Further Sources of Vijayanagara History, Vol. I, pp. 82-83). The Panugallu inscription (cf. op.cit., Vol. II, pp. 38-39), dated 6 months later than this record, refers to the capture of the fort of Panungal by Immadi Bukka, assisted by his son Ananta.

Devaraya was governing the eastern province of the Udayagiri rajya. Kalesvaram where Devaraya celebrated the festival of his digvijaya, was situated at the time in the territories of the Recherla Nayaks of Telingana. The cause of the expedition must be sought in the enmity that existed between them and the Rayas of Vijayanagara, on account of the former`s alliance with the Bahmani Sultans of Gulbarga, the hereditary foes of the Rayas.