Jagitial District History

Jagtial district is a district located in the northern region of the Indian state of Telangana. Its headquarters is Jagtial. The district shares boundaries with Nirmal, Mancherial, Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Sircilla and Nizamabad districts.

753 AD - 973 AD : Rashtrakuta defeated Badami Chalukyas in 753 AD.
Founder : Dantidurga

Dharmapuri : This undated inscription was issued by Aitavarmarasa, of the Haihaya family, whose overlord was the Rashtrakuta king Krishna. It refers to the gift of hundred mattars of land situated in the village Tumbula of Veligonda-12, as siddhaya yielding the revenue of drammas by Ayyana on the day of asterism Uttarashadha to one of the mahajanas named Revana. It also mentions the names of Dharmyara along with Mallapura, probably the capital of the Haihaya subordinate. The record may be dated palaeographically to the ninth-tenth century A.D.


1613 AD : Dhalapatiraya
15th April A.D. 1613  : Vellulla, Metpalli, Jagitial
This inscription is on a slab set up in the Sluice of the tank. It records the construction of the sluice of the Nagula tank by certain Minnayya son of Pushpala Ankayya of the Munnuri caste at the instance of Dhalapatiraya son of Juvvadi Madhavaraya of the Velama caste and the mutalique of Vengala Jagadeva son of Inumgamti Timma Jagadeva of the Padmanayaka caste.

1644 AD : Jupalli Dharmaraya
1644 AD : Dharmapuri, Jagityal 
This inscription is on a pillar of the mandapa in the Brahma Pushkarini. It records the construction by Tirmalaya, son of Chintala Narusaboyi, of the compound wall around the pushkarini and the mandapa on the vedika (platform) which was formerly constructed by Jupalli Dharmaraya. The latter is also stated to have built the steps around the Brahma Pushkarini.

1812 AD : Jupudu Dharmaravu deshmukh
1812 AD : Mallannapeta (Tirmalapur), Jagityal 
It registers the gift of land in favour of Venna Jiyya, the tammadi of Polasa by Jupudu Dharmaravu deshmukh. The gift land is intended for growing a flower garden for the daily worship of the deity (name not clear).