Aggalayya Gutta Jain Temple

Aggalayya gutta is located in Hanamakonda, Padmakshi temple road, Hanumakonda district,Telangana state, India. It was also a jain ayurvedic medicine center around 11th century

This Jain site on the Aggalayya gutta has a 30-feet-tall engraved statue of the 16th Jain Tirthankar Shantinatha and a 13-feet-tall statue of 23rd Tirthankar Parshvanatha on a huge boulderstone on a hillock.

The Shantinatha statue is the second tallest Tirthankaras statue in South India after Karnataka’s Bahubali Tirthankara, and the plan is to make it a Jain Vanam. Statue of the Mahavira is also there in a cave on the hillock.

The hillocok was named after, Aggalayya, who constructed a ‘Jinalaya’ that served as a research centre for teaching doctrines of religion, medicine, and surgery.

Aggalayya who was an ayurvedic doctor and researcher of 11th century taught Ayurveda to students at this center. He worked extensively on teaching and propagation of doctrines of religion, medicine, surgery, etc. The Sirur inscription of Medak mentions Aggaalaih as the Chalukya King Jagadekas physician.

Though its is popular as Jain site, none could discover the fact that the hillock was a hub of ayurvedic treatment during 11th century. Some parts of the Gokarnam which is used to store ayurvedic potions and pour into the mouth of the patient, were also found at the site. The hillock was a place of medicinal plants. “I have seen may mortars at various locations, but mortars made on the rock on the Aggalayya Gutta are unique amon them” said Ratnakar Reddy.

Aggalayya gutta also has a lot trees and plants which makes the place breathable

Near Hanumakonda bus station and Chowrastha. Around half Kms. Around 600 steps are there to reach top of the hill . Opens at 9 A.M and closes at 6 P.M

This site is developed under National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) scheme by KUDA (Kakatiya Urban Development Authority) in 2017.