Premamati Mosque

The Premamati Mosque stands on a hillock overlooking the Taramati Baradari is located in Mohammad Nagar, Golconda (Mandal), Hyderabad district, Telanagan State, India.

The mosque was built around 1625 CE and it was attributed to Prema mati a famed courtesan during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Qutb Shah and Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah.

According to department deputy director Mohd Raheem Shah Ali, the mosque was presumably built for the courtesan and others to offer namaaz during a break from song-and-dance sessions at the Taramati Baradari.

The mosque with intricate work has five arches and does not have minarets.

Bilgrami, in his book ‘Landmarks of the Deccan’, associated the Baradari and the mosque with both Taramati and Premamati. Tombs of both the courtesans are seen near the Qutb Shahi Tombs.

The arches are supported by piers, which have a band of mouldings at the top. This is reminiscent of Hindu temples, such as the Ramappa Temple. The elaborately carved chajjas above the arches also display Hindu influences.

The facade is flanked by two semi-decagonal minarets, which are incomplete.The roof consists of ten flat domes which are not visible from below.

The mosque is incomplete as there is no parapet wall and no kiosks above the minarets.

Premamati masjid, a deserted mosque on a hillock overlooking the Taramati Baradari on the way to Gandipet, it is getting a facelift from the Telangana department of archaeology and museums.