Zafar Baoli Stepwell

Zafar Baoli stepwell is located inside Khammam Fort built by Kakatiya rulers in 950 AD . Khammam Municipal Corporation which in along with the district administration and archaeology department is restoring the 13th Century Zafar Baoli or stepwell in Telangana.

The officials want to make this well located inside the Khammam Fort a tourist attraction without affecting the original structure and design. Neglect over a period of time has damaged this historic place and made it dirty. Once a source of drinking water, the well turned into a dumping ground as the locals dumped garbage in it.

The well measuring 60 feet in length, 20 in width and 60 in depth was constructed by the Kakatiya rulers and is located in the southern part of the Fort which itself is spread in four square kilometres.

The original objective of this well was to provide drinking water to people and soldiers living in the fort. Though the construction took place under the Kakatiya regime it was developed by the Nizams with help from the French when Jaffer-ud-doula was the Khammam tahsildar.