Kamdev Temple & Jathara

Kamdev temple is located in Narnoor village and mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana State, India.

This temple is dedicated to Kamdev and the tribal Jathara which starts in January every year attracts the Thodasam tribe from all villages across the district.

Lord Kamadev is the God of Love and is the husband of Rati, the Goddess of Love.

Kamadev is known as the Indian Cupid. He is the Hindu God of love and sexuality. Kama means sensuous love, wish, desire, longing or sexuality and Deva means heavenly or divine. In the Atharva-Veda, Kama is described as desire and not sexual enjoyment.

Kamadev is considered as the son of Vishnu and Lakshmi, under the forms of Krishna and Rukmini. He is often compared to Eros of the Greeks, and Cupid of the Westerners.

Some myths also suggest that Kamadev is the son of Brahma and is associated with Lord Shiva. However, Lord Kamadev is not worshiped on a larger basis. Kamdev is portrayed as young, handsome man with wings carrying a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with a cord of honeybees, and arrows of sweet-smelling Ashoka tree flowers, white and blue lotus flowers, Jasmine and Mango tree flowers. Lord Kamdev is seen sitting on a Parrot.

As part of Jatara celebrations, women devotees drink 2kg of freshly-extracted sesame oil from a copper vessel to get their wishes and desires fulfilled

A woman devotee offering prayers to the deity of Kamdev temple by drinking sesame oil.

It is believed that women after consuming the oil undergo a change in themselves once in three years, and God fulfills all their wishes and desires.

The Jatara begins with tribals making their offerings to the deity. Pilgrims, both girijans and non-tribals, from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh besides Maharashtra make a beeline to the event which paves way for get together of relatives once a year.

They indulge in affectionate chats with dear ones and share food. 

At the beginning of the Jatara, Asifabad MLA Kova Lakshmi performed special puja to the deity.

She explained the significance of the event to the gathering. The legislator observed that in view of Adilabad’s identity as a tribal district, the TRS government has been making efforts to recognise their tribal practices. She called for modernisation of tribal temples in Mancherial, Nirmal, Komarambheem and Adilabad districts.

Lakshmi assured the gathering to take to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao the problems being faced by the devotees at the Jatara.

She would take the help of Endowments Minister A Indrakaran Reddy in allocating funds for the tribal fest. Meanwhile, some pilgrims alleged that the previous governments had neglected the tribal festivals and urged the TRS government to allot more funds for the conduct of such age-old fests.

By: Madavi Manik Rao