Telangana Irrigation

Irrigation Projects on Godavari River   

Godavari River
J.Chokka Rao Devadula Lift Irrigation Scheme is a lift irrigation scheme near Gangaram (V), Eturunagaram (M), Jayashankar Bhupalpally District, Telangana, India to irrigate  6.21 Lakh Acres in upland drought prone areas of Karimnagar, Warangal, Nalgonda and Medak Districts. It is the second biggest of its kind in Asia.

Sriram Sagar Stage - I (Pochampad) Major Irrigation Project  constructed near Pochampadu, Nizamabad district to irrigate 1 million acres (4,000 km2) to utilize 140 tmc water. As a result of Inter-State accord on sharing of Godavari River water, the allocation for this project was increased from 66 TMC to more than 200 TMC. Accordingly, the scope of Stage-I of the Project was enlarged by extending Kakatiya Canal upto Km.284.00, excavating Saraswathi Canal (Km.0.00 to Km.47.00) and Laxmi Canal (Km.0.00 to 3.50).  It also provides drinking water to urban & rural areas along the canal system, particularly Karimnagar and Warangal towns. It also meets the water demands of National Thermal Power Corporation at Ramagundam. In addition to the above, 4 Units of 9 M.W. each to generate 36 M.W. have also been set up on the right side in the non-overflow portion of the Masonry Dam at Sriramsagar Reservoir.

Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme is a Major Project constructed in 2005 near Kosli(V), Navipet(M), Nizamabad district for stabilizing the gap ayacut of Nizamsagar project to irrigate a total ayacut of 53,793 acres in the Nizamabad district

Argula Rajaram Gupta Lift Irrigation Scheme is a Major Project constructed near Ummeda(V), Navipet(M), Nizamabad district for stabilizing the gap ayacut of Nizamsagar project to irrigate a total ayacut of 38,792 acres in the Nizamabad district.

Kakatiya Canal (284 KM) to irrigate 3,69,000 ha (911,818 acres) of ayacut with a head discharge of 275 Cumecs (9700 Cusecs)

Saraswathi Canal (47 km) to irrigate 14,151 ha (34,967 acres) of ayacut with a head discharge of 42.47 Cumecs (1500 Cusecs)

Laxmi Canal (3.5 km) to irrigate 8,849 ha (21,866 acres) of ayacut with a head discharge of 14.12 Cumecs (500 Cusecs)

Sitarama Major Lift Irrigation Project proposed  redesigned dummugudem project in Rollapadu, Tekkulapalli Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem District. The Sitarama project, which is estimated to cost Rs. 7,000 crore, will bring the entire cultivable land in the district to an extent of over five lakh acres under the irrigation cover.

Sriram Sagar Stage - II Major Irrigation Project 
This Project is an extension of Kakatiya Canal from Km 284 to 347 and Saraswathi Canal from Km 77 to 144 with modernization of Kadam canal from Km 0.00 to Km 77.00 to benefit total ayacut of 5,87,000 acres. Under Kakatiya Canal an ayacut of 64,023 acres in Bhadradri Kothagudem District will be benefited

SRSP Flood Flow Canal is a 130 km long gravity canal from Sriram Sagar Project, Sangam Village, Nizamabad District to Mid Manair Dam, Manwada Village, Karimnagar District, Telangana.

Sadarmat anicut
The anicut was constructed across one branch of the mighty Godavari which splits at the place, by Irrigation Engineer J.J. Ottley in 1891-92 when Khanapur had its first Taluqdar in C.E. Wilkinson and Nawab Ikbal-ud-Dowla, who went by the title of Vicar-ul-Umra Bahadoor, was the Prime Minister of Hyderabad. It currently irrigates over 6,000 acres through its nearly 13 km long Khanapur left flank canal and 800 acres through the 3 km long Badankurti right flank canal in Nirmal District

Kaddam Narayana Reddy Project is a Major Reservoir across river Kadem, a tributary river of Godavari near Kaddam Mandal, Nirmal District, Telangana to irrigate 61776 acres in Nirmal and Mancherial Districts.

The Project has been integrated with Sri Rama Sagar Project. The reservoir being supplemented through Sri Rama Sagar Project by Saraswathi Canal to stabilize the localized catchment area.

It has two major canals for water distribution, the Left canal length is 76.8 km and Right Canal length is about 8 km.

Sripada Yellampalli LIS project is an major irrigation project located at Yellampalli Village, Ramagundam Mandal in Peddapalli district, Telangana, India started in 28 July 2004.

The project is designed to utilise about 63 tmc of water at a cost of Rs. 900 crores in the first phase. In the second phase, about 49.5 tmc would be lifted to the upland regions of Peddapalli, Nirmal, Nizamabad, Warangal and Medak districts. 6 tmc water allotted for NTPC ramagundam project. After the flood gates are installed, the project could would store about 20 Tmcft of water.

The project operational requirement is 163 MW power and 469 million KWh of electrical energy annually to pump the water. The project would supply water for NTPC power project reservoir in Ramagundam mandal in Karimnagar.  It is started in 2005 near Mormoor and Yellampalli village and supplying drinking water to Hyderabad city .

Kaleswaram LIS is a major irrigation project near Kaleshwaram,  Jayashankar Bhupalpally, district aimed at irrigating 18 lakh acres of land in seven districts and supplying drinking water to Hyderabad city

Kaleshwaram project is the redesigned Pranahita-Chevella project, which would have three barrages at Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla and reservoirs at another 18 places. The three barrages would have a storage capacity of over 28 tmc ft together and the reservoirs would have another 157 tmc ft. However, the government was seriously considering reducing the capacity of Komaravelli Mallannasagar at Tadkapally from the proposed 50 tmc ft to about 20 tmc ft. The Kaleshwaram project requires 4,500 MW power for lifting water in different stages including, 113 meters till Yellampally reservoir. From Yellampally, it would be lifted to Mid Manair and from there to Anantagiri, Imambad and Mallannasagar reservoirs. From Mallannasagar, the water would flow through gravity to Upper Manair and reservoirs in Nizamabad and Adilabad districts. It has been proposed to divide the work into 28 packages in six links, including five packages for the first three barrages.

P.V.Narasimha Rao Kanthanpalli Sujala Sravanthi Project on Godavari River by construction of a barrage at Kanthanapally (V), Eturunagaram (M), Jayashankar Bhupalpally District and diverting water through tunnels and lifts. A total of 50 TMC of water out of 429.06 TMC water available at Barrage site in the river Godavari is proposed to be diverted in Phase-I and is utilized for stabilization of 7,50, 000 Acres of ayacut under Sriram Sagar Project Stage-I & II in Warangal, Khammam and Nalgonda Districts.

Drinking water for 8.0 lakhs population and 280MW power will be generated by this project.
  • Akeru River
  • Gollavagu  River
  • Gollavagu Medium Irrigation Project is under construction near Bheemaram (v), Jaipur (m),  to irrigate 9500 acres benefiting Jaipur & Chennur mandals in Mancherial district
  • Gundlavagu River
  • Gundlavagu project is a Medium Irrigation scheme across the river Gundlavagu, a minor tributary of Godavari near village Pragallapally in Wazeedu mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally District of Telangana. This scheme envisages construction of an earthen dam for a length of 508m and H.C weir of length 51m. The project is proposed to irrigate an ayacut of 1,045 ha (2,580 acres) under right and left bank canals benefitting five tribal villages of Wazeedu Mandal.
  • Kadem  River
  • Kaddam Narayan Reddy Project is a Major Irrigation Project constructed in at Peddur (V), Kaddam Mandal, Nirmal Dist to irrigate 69,828 acres in  Kaddam in Nirmal district, Jannaram, Dandepally, Luxettipet and Mancherial mandal in Mancherial District
  • Kodaliar  River
  • Haldi  River
  • Kinnerasani  River
  • Kinnerasani project is a medium irrigation project under construction near Yanmbail village, Palvoncha mandal of Bhadradri Kothagudem district to irrigate an ayacut of 10,000 acres benefiting Palvoncha and Burgampahad mandals 
  • Laknavaram River
  • Laknavaram Lake Project was constructed near the Chalvai village, Govindaraopet Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District to irrigate an ayacut of 8428 Acres
  • Malluruvagu River
  • Malluruvagu Project is a Medium Irrigation Project located  near the Narsimhasagar village, Mangapet Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally District to irrigate an ayacut of 7504 acres
  • Maner or Manair River
  • Upper Manair Project is a medium irrigation project constructed across Manair river near Narmal (V), Gambhiraopet (M) in Rajanna Sircilla District intended to irrigate an ayacut of 13,086 Ac. benefiting 15 villages in Gambhiraopet, Yellareddipet and Mustabad mandals.
  • Mid Manair Project is a major irrigation project under construction across the Manair River, at Manwada Village, Boinpalli Mandal, Rajanna Sircilla district, Telangana started in 2005 to to irrigate 1.7 lakh acres
  • Lower Manair Project is a major irrigation project constructed at Alugunur village, Thimmapurmandal, Karimnagar District, in the Indian state of Telangana during 1974 to 1985. It provides irrigation to a gross command area of 163,000 hectares (400,000 acres), and drinking water supply benefits and reservoir fisheries. The storage behind the dam serves as a balancing reservoir for the Kakatiya Canal and regulates flow for irrigation.
    • Boggulavagu 
    • Boggula vagu Project is an existing Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Boggula vagu near Rudraram (V), Malharrao (M), Jayashankar Bhupalpally district between 1976-77 and 1987 benefited to 8 villages of Malhar Rao and Kataram Mandals to provide Irrigation facilities to an extent of 5150 acres.
    • Mohidummeda River
    • Medivagu River
    • Rallvagu River
    • Ramappa Lake Project located near Palampet village, Venkatapur Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. It was formed by laying bunds across the Medivagu and Rallavagu. Its catchment area is 183.39 Sq.Km. and it has four main distributories known as the Voger channel, Veerla channel, Bhurugu and Somi channels intended to irrigate an ayacut of 5000 Acres. Built during Kakaitya Ganapati Deva (1199 - 1262)
    • Salivagu River
    • Salivagu Project is an existing Medium Irrigation project constructed near the Peddakodepaka village, Shayampet Mandal, Warangal Rural District to irrigate a total ayacut of 3046 acres.
    • Shanigaram River
    • Shanigaram Project is an existing Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Siddipeta vagu near Shanigaram (V), Koheda (M) in Siddipet District.The Project work was completed in the year 1653 and restored to PWD standards in the year 1891. This is an age old scheme commissioned in the Kakatiya dynasty intended to irrigate an ayacut of 5100 acres. Shanigaram River is a tributary of Mohi Tummeda (Mohidummeda) River is a tributary of Manair River (LMD).
    • Yellamagadda Vagu
  • Manjira River
  • Ghanpur Anicut is a Medium irrigation Project Constructed across Manjeera River in the year 1905 A.D located in  Ghanpur village and Kulcharam mandal of Medak District to irrigate an ayacut of 21,625 Acres and provides drinking water supply.Mandals benefited are Medak, Kulcharam and Papannapet. Built during Kakaitya Ganapati Deva (1199 - 1262)
  • Manjeera Barrage
  • Singur Project is a major irrigation project near Singur village, Pulkal Mandal of Sangareddy District.The project envisages to provide 4 TMC of water to the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for drinking and industrial purpose in addition to stabilizing the existing ayacut under Nizamsagar Reservoir and providing irrigation facilities to a new ayacut of 40,000 acres. The silt flowing down the river to Nizamsagar Reservoir will also be arrested. Besides two units each of 7.5 M.W. capacity to generate power of 15 M.W. are also proposed to be installed.
  • Nizam Sagar Project is a major irrigation project between Achampet and BanjePally villages of the Kamareddy district in Telangana, India. Nizamsagar dam was started in 1923 and
  • completed in 1931 by the rulers of the erstwhile Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan. It was made by emptying over 40 villages, originally contemplated for utilization of 58.00 TMC of water to irrigate 2,75,000 acres in Banswada, Bodhan, Nizamabad and Armoor Taluks of Nizamabad District.
    • Alair River
    • Pocharam Project is an existing Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Alair stream near Pocharam (V), Nagireddypet (M) in Kamareddy DistrictThe Project work was Constructed in the year 1922 at a cost of Rs 27.11 Lakhs intended to irrigate an ayacut of 10,500 Acres benefitting 42 no of villages in Nagireddy and Yellareddy mandals and also water supply to Yellareddy town.
    • Koulasnala River
    • Koulasnala project is a Medium Irrigation Project near Sawargon village, Jukkal Mandal, Nizamabad Dist to irrigate 9000 acres in 15 villages of (Madnoor Taluka) Jukkal Mandal in Nizamabad Dist.
    • Lendi River
    • Lendi project is constructed across Lendi river near Gonegoan (V) Mukhed Taluq, Nanded district of Maharastra State. A right bank canal of 35 Kms length is proposed with take off point at Km.20.46 of left bank canal to Irrigate 22,000 acres in 31 villages in Madnoor and Bichkunda mandals of Nizamabad district of Telangana. Out of this 35 Km length the right canal passes through a length of 8 Km in Maharastra territory and the remaining 27 Km runs in Telangana.
    • Nallavagu
    • Nallavagu Project is a Medium Irrigation constructed across the Nallavagu stream located near the Sultanabad (V) Kalhere (M) Medak (Dist.) to irrigate an ayacut of 6,030 acres benefiting 13 villages
  • Murredu  River
  • Modikuntavagu
  • Modikuntavagu project is proposed across Modikuntavagu near Krishnapuram (V), Wazeedu (M), Jayashankar Bhupalpally district, proposed to provide irrigation facilities to an extent of 13,591 acres benefitting 35 villages in Wazeedu (M) of Khammam District. Provides drinking water facilities to the enroute 35 villages for a population of 12,000 in Wazeedu (M) 
  • Mohidemada  River
  • Palemvagu River
  • Palemvagu project is a Medium project across Palamvagu (Jellavagu) a Minor tributary of the Godavari river near Mallapuram village in Venkatapuram Mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district.  The proposed ayacut under the project is 4100 ha.(10,131 acres) during Khariff and 820 ha. (2026 acres) during Rabi season. Besides the above, the project also provides rural drinking water for 39 Tribal Villages in Venkatapuram Mandal.
  • Palleru  River
  • Peddavagu River
  • Peddavagu Project medium irrigation project constructed across Pedda vagu near Gummadivally village, Aswaraopet mandal in Bhadradri Kothagudem District.The total registered ayacut is 16000 acres, out of which only 4500 acres is being irrigated now.The ayacut benefitted in 3 mandals i.e., Aswaraopet, Kuknoor and Veleripadu.
  • Pranahitha  River 
  • Pranahita Chevella a Major lift irrigation scheme is under construction at Thumbadihatti village, Kouthala Mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district of Telangana. This scheme is confined to providing irrigation facility to nearly 2,00,000 acres in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district using 44 tmcft water.
    • Peddavagu River : Total Length of 100 kms. Originating in Sirpur (U)-Kerameri hills, Komaram Bheem Asifabad district and discharging into the Pranahita river near Murliguda in Bejjur, Komaram Bheem Asifabad discharging into the Pranahita river.
    • Sri Komaram Bheem Project Medium Irrigation Project under construction located at Ada village, Asifabad Mandal, Komaram Bheem Asifabad, District, Telangana. This Project proposed to supply water to Asifabad, Wankidi, Kaghaznagar, and Sirpur mandals more than 45,000 acres.
    • Peddavagu(Jagannadhapur) is a Medium Irrigation Project under construction near Jagannathpur (V), Kaghaznagar (M), Komaram Bheem Asifabad district. The scheme is intended to irrigate an ayacut of 15,000 acres.
    • Neelwai Project is a Medium Irrigation Project under construction near Neelwai village and Vemanpally mandal of Mancherial district to irrigate 15,000 acres
      • Chelmelavagu  River (Locally known as Bugga Vagu) is a tributary of Peddavagu River in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district.
      • Chelmelavagu (N.T.R Sagar) Project is a Medium Irrigation Project constructed in 2009 near Irkapalli village of Tiryani mandal Komaram Bheem Asifabad district to irrigate 6000 acres
      • Vattivagu  River
      • Vattivagu project is a Medium Irrigation project constructed in located near pahadibanda (V) in Asifabad (M)  to irrigate 24,500 acres  in Asifabad and Rebecca mandals of of Komaram Bheem Asifabad district.
      • Yerravagu  is a tributary of Peddavagu River in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district.
      • P.P.RAO (Yerravagu) Medium Irrigation Project constructed in 2004 near Kalwada village, Dahegaon Mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district at the intersection of Yerravagu and Nallavagu to irrigate 11,000 acres in Dahegaon mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad districtVemanpally and Bheemini in Mancherial district
        • Nallavagu is a tributary of Yerravagu merges near Kalwada village, Dahegaon Mandal in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district.
    • Penganga  River : Total length of 676 kms, flows through Maharashtra and Telangana before merging into Wardha river in Maharashtra and Warder river is merged into Pranahitha river which is part of godavari river basin.  In Telangana the rivers starts in Guledi, Tamsi Mandal, Adilabad district and ends in Mangrool, Bela Mandal, Adilabad district 
    • The Lower Penganga Major Irrigation Project proposed Joint Project between the States of Maharashtra and Telangana on Penganga River, which is a tributary of Godavari River. The head works are located upstream of village Tadsaoli in Ghatanji Tabsil of Yavatmal District. The dam site is about 12 Km inside Maharashtra from Maharashtra – Telangana border. It is proposed to irrigate an ayacut of about 2,37,600 Acres in Maharashtra and 40,000 acres in Adilabad District, Telangana. The canal in Telangana Portion called Right bank canal runs for a length of 48.60 Km to irrigate tribal & disturbed areas in 61 villages of Adilabad district.
    • Chanaka Korata Major Irrigation Project proposed project is aimed to irrigate 50,000 acres in Adilabad District.
      • Sathnala  River 
      • Shathanala Project is an Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Sathnala river near Kapna (V), Jainath(M), Adilabad District. The scheme is intended to irrigate an ayacut of 25000 acres benefiting Adilabad, Jainath & Bela mandals.
        • Mathadivagu River : Mathadivagu is a tributary of Sathnala River.
        • Mathadivagu Reservoir Project near Waddadi village in Tamsi Mandal, Adilabad District of Telangana state. The utilisation proposed under the project is 0.893 TMC of water to irrigate 8,500 acres with left flank canal of 14 Kms length.
  • Ralivagu  River
  • Ralivagu Project is a Medium Irrigation scheme constructed near Mutkala village and to irrigate 6000 acres in Mancherial mandal of Mancherial District.
  • Ramadugu  River
  • Ramadugu Project is an existing Medium Irrigation Project constructed across Ramadugu vagu near Ramadugu village and Dharpally mandal of Nizamabad District commissioned in the year 1964 to irrigate 5000 acres
  • Salivagu  River
  • Suddhavagu  River
  • Gaddanna Suddavagu Project  is constructed across Suddavagu stream near Bhainsa Town, Nirmal District to irrigate an ayacut of 14000 Acres of I.D in Khariff season in addition, provides drinking water supply to Bhainsa nagara Panchayath and 19 other Villages.
  • Swarna  River
  • Swarna Project is an Medium Irrigation Project constructed in 1984 near Swarna(V), Sarangapur(M) to irrigate 8945 acres benefiting Sarangpur & Nirmal mandals in Nirmal District.
  • Taliperu River
  • Taliperu project is a medium Irrigation project across Taliperu river near Peddamidisileru, Cherla (M) in Bhadradri Kothagudem ditrict completed in 1998 to irrigate 24,700 acres in Cherla mandal.
    Krishna River Irrigation Projects
    Alimineti Madhava Reddy Srisailam Left Bank Canal Project (AMRP) was started in 1983 located in Peddavoora(M), Nalgonda District to irrigate 3 lakh acres annd supplying drinking water to the fluoride affected villages enroute.

    Jawahar Nettampadu LIS  is a Major Irrigation Project Stage - I. Near Upperu (v), Dharoor(M) Jogulamba Gadwal District foreshore of Jurala Reservoi, Stage-II, Near Marlabeedu (v), Dharoor(M) to irrigate 2.00 lakh acres in Gadwal, Maldakal , Dharur ,Itikyala,Ieeja ,Waddepally & Manopadu

    Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme is a Major Project Lift I located in Chintareddy Palli (V),Narwa (M) Wanaparthy District and Lift II located in Teeleru (V) ,Dhanwada (M) Mahabubnagar District to irrigate 50,250 acres in Narva, Chinachintakunta, Dhanwada, Devarakadra, Makthal, Koilkonda and Marikal Mandals

    Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Scheme, renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Lift Irrigation Project located in Regumanigadda of Yellur (V) Kollapur (M) Nagarkurnool district is proposed to provide irrigation water to an extent of 3.40 lakhs acres and drinking water to chronically drought prone upland areas in Mahabubnagar district covering about (303) villages in erstwhile taluks of Kollapur, Nagarkurnool, Achampet, Jadcherla and Kalwakurthy constituencies (in 19 Mandals).

    Nagarjuna Sagar Project is a Major Irrigation Project commenced in the year 1955 and the Dam was completed in the year 1969 enabling partial storage  located near Nandikonda village of Peddavoora Mandal in Nalgonda District to irrigate 2,212,287 acres to generate power to an extent of 960 M.W. The left canal command of 4,19,816 ha. (1,037,387 acres) in Nalgonda, Khammam and Krishna Districts.

    Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation project is a Major Irrigation Project at Karvena village of Bhoothpur, Mahabubnagar district is approved by government and taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.35,250 crore and seeks to irrigate about 10 lakh acres in Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda districts besides providing water for drinking and industrial needs in and around Hyderabad.

    The first phase of Palamur lift irrigation scheme will be taken up through lifting of 70 tmc waters from Jurala project to Koil Konda in Mahabubnagar district to irrigate 7 lakh acres in Mahbubnagar, 2.75 lakh acres in Rangareddy and 30,000 acres in Nalgonda district.

    Priyadarshini Jurala Major Irrigation Project located near Revulapally village, Dharur Mandal, Jogulamba Gadwal Dist.  to irrigate an ayacut of 102,200 acres (41360 Ha.) under Right Main canal DHARUR,GADWAL, ITIKYALA, MANOPAD mandals of Jogulamba gadwal dist and Left Main Canal in drought prone Mandals of ATMAKUR,KOTAKOTA, PEBBAIR,SRIRANGA PUR, WEEPANGANDLA in Wanaparthy district and PENTLAVELLY, PANGAL in Nagarkurnool district

    Rajiv Bhima LIS Major Irrigation Project located fore shore of priyadarshini jurala project for Lift-I and foreshore of Ramanpad Reservoir, Ramanpad (V), Atmakur (M), for Lift-II in Wanaparthy District to irrigate 207022 acres in in Makthal, in Mahabubnagar District Atmakur, Wanaparthy in Wanaparthy District and Kollapur Mandal in Nagarkurnool District.
    • Aleru  River
    • Chinnavagu
    • Sarala Sagar Medium Irrigation Project approved in 1947 and completed in 1959 is located Kothakota Mandal of Wanaparthy District.
    • Karanja River
    • Kshetra River
    • Manner or Munneru River
    • Bayyaram Tank was constructed during KAKATIYA DYNASTY about 700 years ago. Initially the ayacut under this source is about 5400 Acres. The source was brought to P.W.D. Standards in the year 1962. Subsequently after restoration the farmers have developed their ayacut to an extent of 7200 Acres. The beneficiaries covered under this project are poor tribals living in Irsulapuram, Pedda Tallasgadda, Cherlapally, Kothapeta, Gandampally and Bayyaram Vilalges in Bayyaram mandal in Mahabubabad District.
    • Pakhal Lake Project located near Ashoknagar Village, Khanapur Mandal, Mahabubabad District is intended to irrigate an ayacut of 18193 acres. Built during Kakaitya Ganapati Deva (1199 - 1262)
      • Akeru River
      • Katteluru River
      • Lankasagar project is constructed during 1968 across Kattaleru river a tributary of Krishna river near Adavimallela village of Penubally Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem ditrict to irrigate 7,353 acres in Penubally and Vemsoor mandal in Khammam District.
      • Wyra River
      • Wyra Medium Irrigation project Constructed across river Wyra, Wyra village and mandal, Khammam District in the year 1930 to irrigate 17,390 acresbenefiting Wyra,Bonakalu,Thallada,Gumapanagudem mandals
    • Bhima  River
      • Kagna River 
        • Jutepallivagu
        • Jutepallivagu Medium Irrigation Project located in Tandur Vikarabad District completed in 1966
        • Kotepally Vagu
        • Kotepally Vagu Project is a Medium Irrigation Project located in Koteapply Village and Mandal in Vikarabad District to irrigate 9,200 Acres.
        • Pargi
        • Lakhnapur Project Medium Irrigation Project located in Lakhanapur
    • Dindi  River
    • Dindi Project is an existing Medium Irrigation Project located in Gundlapally(Dindi) Mandal, Nalgonda District started in 1940 and completed o 1943 at a cost of Rs.34.36 Lakhs to irrigate an Ayacut of 12,835 acres
    • Musi  River
    • Asifnahar Project Medium Irrigation Project located Nemalikavla (V), Voligonda(M) Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, to irrigate 15,245 acres
    • Musi Project Medium Irrigation Project located near the Bopparam Village, Kethepally, Nalgonda District  to irrigate an ayacut of 30,183 acres and provides drinking water to Suryapet town Municipality of Suryapet Mandal in Suryapet District
      • Aleru River
    • Utkoor Marepally project 
    • Palleru or Palair River
    • Bhakta Ramadasu Major Lift Irrigation Scheme proposed Rs 90.87-crore Bhakta Ramadasu lift irrigation scheme in Tirumalayapalem, Khammam district to to ensure irrigation to 59,000 acres in Paleru.
    • Palair Project is a medium irrigation project constructed across the Palair river, in Paleru, Kusumanchi mandal, Khammam district  complered during 1928 ata a cost of Rs. 20.70 lakhs to irrigate an ayacut of 19,694 acres. Total ayacut has been developed. The project was handed over to Nagarjuna sagar Project authorities to use as a balancing reservoir in N.S. Left Canal System. Palair Lake is a man made lake and a major source of freshwater in the Khammam district of Telangana, India. It is located at the Palair village in Kusumanchi mandal
    • Peddavagu River
    • Koilsagar Medium Irrigation Project completed in 1954 located in Koilsagar Village of
      Devarakadra Mandal in Mahabubnagar District to irrigate 12,000 acres.
    • Tungabhadra River
    • Rajoli Banda Diversion Scheme  is an interstate project of Karnataka and Telangana states located in Rajolibanda (Village), Manni (Taluk), Raichur District,Karnataka State. The scheme was sanctioned during the erstwhile Nizam state. The construction of anicut was started in 1946 A.D and completed by 1958 A.D. The Water supplied to 143 Km long RDS canal to benefit drought area of 15 villages in Manvi taluk of Karnataka state, to irrigate  87,500 acres 8 villages in Gadwal taluk, 67 villages of Alampur taluk in Jogulamba Gadwal district of Telangana state  and 4 villages in Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh State. A total of 75 villages in Telangana state are under RDS Command.
    • Thumilla Lift Irrigation Scheme proposed