Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera Waterfalls located near Pochera Village, Boath Mandal, Adilabad District in Telangana State, India. 

It is a natural waterfall with picturesque and beautiful scenery. It is a very big, wide and deep waterfall.

This beautiful waterfall is the deepest of all the waterfalls in Telangana. This is also a caution to people who wish to take a dip in it. The location is very secluded and surrounded by picturesque locations and scenic environment. The waterfall has great width and height to make it the deepest in Telangana. The fall is 20 meter high and flows down with a great force, and the falls are categorized as plunge waterfalls. 

The holy river Godavari flows through the Sahyadri mountain range and on their way, the river breaks into small streams. Some of these streams escape from their path and meet at a point and become the source for the Pochera falls which falls from a 20 meters high point. 

The bed is much deeper and has the capacity to hold a very huge quantity of water. We can hear water roaring at a high pitch, exhibiting the power of nature. This place may scare you during night with only the moon lighting it up. 

The waterfall which is extremely beautiful and very scary at the same time is one of its kinds in the entire state and is rarely found in the country.

The bed of the waterfall is made of hard Granite. This hard material holds the strong falls with elasticity and gravity. The lush green forest around the waterfall makes it a natural habitat for reptiles, bird species, and many insects. This falls serves as a good adventurous location. 

The greenery around the location is very appealing and is untouched by the urbanization. Adding spiritual touch to the beautiful location is the Narsimha swamy temple located near the waterfall.

Pochera Waterfalls is located at a distance of nearly 37 km from Nirmal town, 47 km from Adilabad town and 7 km from Boath and accessible by road.

Hundreds of tourists from various parts of the State visiting the Pochera Waterfalls in Boath mandal which is known for its breathtaking natural surroundings are a scared lot these days because of illegal crusher blasts for granite stone in its adjoining area, barely ten km away.

The explosions are resulting in loss of greenery and beautiful sights nearby. Rocks are crashing into the waterfalls. The surrounding area is becoming increasingly dusty.

• Digging for granite has resulted in waterfalls becoming dry
• Explosions resulting in loss of beautiful sights nearby

NoC issued for setting up a stone crusher-cum-hot-mix plant just 200 metres away. An upcoming stone crusher cum hot mix plant located just 200 metres away from the pristine Pochera waterfall in Boath mandal threatens to engulf the nature's wonder as well as the wild fauna existing in its vicinity.