Armoor Siddulagutta

Navanatha Siddeshwara Alayam is located on black rock hillock at
Armoor in Nizamabad district of Telangana state. Lord Shiva is presiding deity here in the divine form of Siddeshwara Swamy.

History of the Temple
Navanatha Siddeshwara Temple is an ancient temple which is located on hillock. The hills look like massive pile of black rocks. The most interesting part of Siddulagutta is there is a deep cave in which Shiva Linga is situated. The height of the cave is too short that one cannot stand erect and worship the Lord. Inside the case, one has to bend his body a little and worship the Lord. Since Siddhas and sages meditated here and worshipped Lord Shiva, this hill came to be known as Siddulagutta.

The road stops at a point on the hill and from there one has to walk to the temple. A 10 minute walk through picturesque scenes later, we reached the temple. The Siddeshwar temple is a small temple with Lord Shiva as the presiding deity. The history of the temple is unknown but it has been renovated completely and the present structure is relatively new. A word of caution, beware of monkeys !

More than the temple, the most interesting part of Siddula Gutta is a cave inside which there is a Siva Linga.

One has to go inside this narrow cave. You will have to squeeze yourself through some parts and crawl on all fours through narrow gaps like this. We found it hilarious that people are expected to form a “Queue” here ! That’s what the sign on the rock says The Siva Linga is located in the depths of the cave.

You cannot stand to full height here, before the Lord, humans have to shed their egos and bend down seems to be the philosophy behind this ! There are some yogis here who perform the poojas. They pointed us to another small, dark opening between the rocks where there was another Siva Linga, in the darkness, it looked eerie. It is a wonder how they managed to pull electrical wires inside the cave for lighting and also how the yogis sit inside the cave with zero ventilation !

Special Poojas and Festivals
Apart from regular poojas and abhishekams, special poojas are performed on festivals related to Lord Shiva.

Temple Timings: 6.00 am to 12.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Temple’s Full Address: Navanatha Siddeshwara Alayam, Siddulagutta, Armoor, Nizamabad, Telangana.

How to reach Navanatha Siddeshwara Aalayam in Siddula Gutta
By Bus: Govt RTC buses are available from all places in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to reach the temple in Siddulagutta which is 26 km away from Nizamabad.

By Train: Nearest railway station is Armoor Railway Station which is 4 km away from the temple. Govt RTC buses and Auto-Rickshaws run from here to reach the temple.

By Flight: Nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is 230 km away from the temple. Bus and taxi services are available to access the temple.