Edithanur Cave, Kondapur

Edithanur is a village nestled in Sangareddy District in Telanga
which is famous for its ancient caves. The caves are adorned with ancient paintings whose origin dates back to the Neolithic age. The paintings in the Edithanur caves have their origin between 2300 BC to 900 BC. It can be a thrilling experience while exploring the paintings in the maze of tunnels and various rows of natural caves.

Our history textbooks would tell us that Neolithic Era or the New Stone Age is the period when there were traces of the earliest development of human technology while also holding on to the last phase of the Old Stone Age. Well, you have to see it to believe it. Edithanur Cave is situated in the village called Edithanur with traces of rock paintings depicting the culture of the Era. So if you have a knack for digging into history, this is the place to be.

Edithanur has rock paintings found earlier than Budigapalli, Ketavaram and Ongole Prakasam District but later than Bethamcherla cave paintings. The results of minor excavations carried out at Edithanur enabled to date the rock paintings to a period from Mesolithic to Megalithic period.

How to reach the cave?
Sangareddy is the nearest town to these caves as it is just located in 1 kilometre distance. The nearest railway station to this amazing wonder is Zaheerabad Railway station, which is 57 kilometres from Sangareddy Town.