Western Chalukyas of Kalyani

973 - 1189 A.D

Founder   : Tailapa II
Capitals  : Manyakheta, Kalyani (Basavakalyan in Bidar , Karnataka)
Languages : Kannada, Sanskrit
Religion  : Jainism, Hinduism

973 - 997 AD : Tailapa II
Tailapa II declared independence from Rashtrakutas after killing Karka and occupied his capital Manyakheta.

Supported Mudigonda Chalukyas against Kaktiyas by killing Gunda IV (950 - 995).

995 AD : The earliest known record of Tailapa II in the region is the Jammikunta epigraph, dated to 995. By this time, we can assume that the Western Chalukyas had established themselves as the new dominant power in Telangana.

According to the Guider epigraph Kaktiya Beta I (996 - 1052) was too young to rule when his father was killed. The Kakatiya family was in dire straits at this time, being deprived of their lands as well as an adult male head. On the request of Kamavasani, the wife of Viriyala Erra Tailapa made him the head of Koravi region.

997 - 1008 AD : Satyasraya
The whole of Telangana region was under his rule.

10008 - 1014 AD : Vikramaditya IV
He had a title named "Tribhuvana Malla" and was follower of Jainism.

1015 AD : Ayyana
Rajendra Chola of Chola dynasty killed Ayyana in battle and occupied Kollipaka region.

1015 - 1042 AD : Jayasimha II
Jayasimha II fought with cholas and recaptured kollipaka region.
Paramara Bhoja invaded Chalukya kingdom and conquered Nasik region, but Jayasimha waged a war with him around 1019-1022 and recaptured the region.
Jayasimha took to Shivaism in 1034 AD. His defence minister Macharaju patronised poet Chandrarajan who wrote a book called Madana Tilaka.

Developed the town of Kolanupaka and gave donations to Jain.

1042 - 1068 AD : Someswara I
Kaktiya Beta I (996 - 1052) is a great warrior who probably joins the Western Chalukya armies of Someswara I in the Chola invasion of 1052. Along with his general, Recharla Bramha, he destroys the Chola armies (of King Rajadhiraja I) and enters the city of Kanchi.

In 1067 prince Vikramaditya VI invaded chola kingdom and plundered Tanjore, Kanchi and Gangaikonda. Kakatiya Prola I(1052 - 1076) also participated in these wars and won the praise of Somesvara and was gifted Hanumakonda region. 

1068 - 1076 AD : Someswara II
Had a title named Bhuvanaika Malla and he was a worshipper of Shiva.
He also fought wars against Chola Dynasty.

Vikramaditya VI with the help of Chola Veera Rajendra occupied Rattapadi region and declared himself king.

Later in 1071 AD attacked his brothers kingdom and defeated him and agreed to give his brother regions of Anantapur, Chitradurgam, Dharwad and Kalinga.

Vikramaditya VI not satisfied revolted second time and defeated him in 1076 AD and declared himself the emperor.

1076 - 1126 AD : Vikramaditya VI
Greatest of Kalyani Chalukya rulers. He ruled for 50 years and expanded his kingdom in a huge way. Started Chalukya Vikram era.

Vikramadiyas younger brother Jayasimha revolted against him in 1080 AD but was suppressed by him.

He invaded Chola kingdom in 1084 AD and plundered Kanchi.
Vent kingdom was port of Kalyani Chalukyas between 1118 and 1138 AD.

1126 - 1138 AD : Someswara III
Lost the dominance in Telangana region.

1138 - 1151 AD : Jagadekamalla

1151 - 1156 AD : Tailapa III
Kakatiyas declared independence.