Dichpally Ramalayam

Dichpally Ramalayam or Khilla Ramalayam is a temple located in
Nizamabad, Telangana. 

Architectural splendour in oblivion
Built in 12th century by Pratapa Rudra-II of Kakatiya dynasty, the temple is next only to the famous Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh with regard to erotic art. Historians and archaeologists are of the view that it is a unique temple and there is no other temple in its form in South India.
Though there is a controversy over the period of its construction and also the rulers who built it, scholars say that there is considerable evidence to argue that it is a Kakatiya temple like Ramappa temple in Warangal and Kesavanatha temple at Kesapur in Dichpally mandal itself.

There are four-petal flowers engraved on stones all over the temple which was very much part of the Kakatiya art form, said Vanamamulai Venkata Krishnamacharyulu, the chief priest of the temple and a noted astrologist and Vedic scholar.

The construction of the temple began in 12th century and continued till 1311 AD when it was abruptly abandoned incomplete, reasons not known. To protect it from the invasion of Muslim kings it used to be called Dichpally Khilla though there was no khilla literally, he says.

The temple located in a picturesque area adjacent to the NH-44, it stood a mute spectator to the neglect of Archaeological Survey of India, Endowment and Tourism Departments and there are no facilities for visitors. Attempts were not made from any quarter to popularise it to attract tourists and to showcase the history.

This temple has 105 steps and a pedestrian subway connecting it to Raghunadha Temple in the Nizamabad urban center.

The temple has murtis of Bhagvan Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman in the sanctum sanctorum.

The temple is one of the finest examples of the ancient stone architecture built by Kakatiya kings. The style and structure of the temple is quite similar to the temples in Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Therefore, the shrine is also known as Indhoor Khajuraho or the Khajuraho of Nizamabad.

The shrine is made using white and black basalt stone. The walls of the temple are embellished with sculptures of gods, goddesses, demons and animals. There are also numerous erotic sculptures engraved on the pillars, ceilings and door frames of the temple.

During the monsoon season, the temple gets an even more enthralling look as it is surrounded by water and is isolated from the main land. Then the temple alone stands on the temporary island.

The most important festival in the temple is Sri Ramnavami which is annually held in March end or during the first fortnight of April.
The idols of Lord Rama and Sita are installed by Gajawada Chinnaiah in 1949.

Special Poojas and Festivals
All the rituals are performed daily like Archanas and Abhishekas. Sri Ramanavami and Vaikunta Ekadasi are the festivals celebrated here annually.

Temple’s Full Address: Dichpally Ramalayam, Dichpally, Nizamabad, Telangana-503 175.

How to reach the temple in Dichpally
By Bus: Buses are available from all major cities in Telanagana. Dichpally Bus Stop is 4 km away. Auto-rickshaws are available from here to reach the temple.

By Train: Nearest railway station is Dichpally Railway Station which is 4 km away. Auto-rickshaws are available from here to reach the temple.

By Flight: Nearest Airport is Hyderabad Airport which is 211 km away. Bus and Taxi services are available from here to visit the temple.