Mylaram Caves

Mylaram Caves (Nallaguttalu) situated in Mylaram village, Ghanpur Mandal, Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Telangana discovered recently by is located 200 k.m from Hyderabad is a new jewel in Telangana Tourism, ideal spot for trekking and adventure.

In an important discovery, archaeologists have stumbled upon a treasure trove of ancient stalagmites and stalactites formations at Mylaram caves, 50 km from Warangal. Located in the north-south direction, the Mylaram guttalu are a new addition to the rich legacy of Telangana. These caves, numbering at least 10, are similar to Belum and Borra caves. They indeed have the potential to be developed as a mini tourist circuit as there are many caves, rock art sites, temples and lakes within a radius of 10 km.

Sharing his views on the findings, State archaeological consultant S S Rangacharyulu said, “The caves are located inside the hillocks. One has to climb and enter the caves through a very narrow passage and climb down at least 20 feet to reach the surface of the cave. As of now we have discovered 10 caves, in two hill ranges, which are spread across 5-10 metres making them the longest existing caves in both the Telugu States.

The caves consist of many chambers, passages and several formations which look like various living and non-living things. The caves could not be explored thoroughly due to darkness and presence of thousands of bats and bees.” Adding more, he said, “These caves seem to be significant from the geological and historical point of view. There is also a ruined stone fortified wall which is connected with the caves.

The initial stage of explorations state that there would have been human existence as there have been many other discoveries of Mesolithic artefacts and iron ore smeltings. The first person to discover the caves was a local lecturer named K Sadananda. Speaking to Metro India, he said, “There are many stalagmite and stalactites formations which are worth decoding as they represent various living and non-living creatures of earth.

It is a proud moment to the State, as till now there were only two popular cave explorations, namely Borra and Belum caves, but with these coming to limelight a new dimension has been added to the cave explorations.” “In fact, these caves must be recognised as one of the important tourist destinations in the State. The Tourism Department should develop the area and I am sure that these caves would attract millions of tourists as they are really splendid from inside,” he said.

The formations at Belum caves are very similar to that of Mylaram guttalu. Both the caves have stalagmite and stalactite, which are formed by flow of water for centuries. The Belum caves are home for several formations which look like Shiva Linga, Banyan tree, a saint’s bed and many more. The discovery at Mylaram guttalu is also on the similar lines and the caves are home to several formations like an old man, a huge tree, dolphins and folded saree pleats. There is also a Shiva Linga, similar to the one at Amarnath.