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Samudra lingapur waterfalls

Samudralingapur waterfalls is located near samudralingapur Village in Yellareddipet Mandal in Rajanna Sircilla District of Telangana State, India.

Vontimamidi or Ontimamidi lodhi waterfall

Vontimamidi lodhi or Ontimamidi lodhi waterfall is located in Mangavaigudem village, Venkatapuram mandal of Mulugu district in Telangana State. “People who want to visit this waterfall must take the help of the local tribals as they are aware of the paths in the forest. The tourists must also be prepared to walk in knee-deep slush and through the slippery boulders carefully to reach to this ‘heaven on earth’,”

Parkal Massacre - September 2, 1947

On September 2, 1947, a patriotic desire to hoist national flag in Parkal, then a small village in Warangal district, had ended a brutal massacre committed by Razakars. Nizam’s men pumped bullets into people who had gathered in the town to hoist the tri-colour The memories of the carnage are still remembered by the elders who witnessed the incident at that time. The incident has been referred to as the ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ of the south by former Premier P V Narasimha Rao. It may be recalled that after Indian Independence on August 15, 1947, erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad denied joining Indian Union and also enforced suppression against hoisting the tri-colour employing tyrannical army of Razakars. Anguished at not being allowed to hoist the national flag, the residents of Parkal and surrounding villages planned to raise the flag on September 2 to celebrate the Independence and gathered near a ground in Parkal. But an official of Nizams’ regime Ziauallah Khan cautioned the public to d

Gollavagu River

Origin : Mamidighat, Mandamarri Mandal, Mancherial District in Telangana Outflow : Godavari River Length : Around 40 Km District : Mancherial Mandals : Mandamarri, Naspur, Bheemaram, Chennur, Nennel Start : Mamidighat End : Konampet Village Gollavagu river is in Mancherial District and it flows through below Villages. It also has several streams as tributaries. Mandamarri Mamidighat Naspur Mandal Singapur Bheemaram / Bhimaram Mandal Reddipalle Dampur Burugupalle Bheemaram / Bhimaram Ankushapur Maddikal Kothapalle Chennur Mandal Suddal Kachanpalle Angarajpalle Raipet Nennel Mandal Konampet GOLLAVAGU PROJECT This is a Medium Irrigation project constructed across Gollavagu near Bheemaram Village & Mandal, Mancherial district under G basin. The main objective of the Project is to irrigate 9,500 Acres of ayacut in Bheemaram and Chennur mandals.

Durjaya Dynasty

c.500 AD - c.611 AD : Durjaya Dynasty Founder : Rana Durjaya was a descendant of Karikala, the great Chola monarch who started as vassals to Vishnukundins .  Capital : Pistapura (Identified as modern Pithapuram) The Durjayas were a brach of early cholas.The Garvapadu grant of Ganapati states that Ranadurjaya, the founder of Durjaya dynasty, was a descendant of Karikala, the great Chola Monarch. Many ruling dynasties in Andhra and Telangana, such as the Kakatiyas , Malyalas , Viryalas , the Konakandravadis, the Ivani Kandravadis, the Kondapadumatis, the Paricchedis and the Chagis, are claimed to be his descendants. It is likely that Maharaja Ranadurjaya, the first ruler of this SriramakaSyapa family , was a contemporary of Vishnukundin Madhavavarman II (456-503 A.D.) and his subordinate for some time.  Tandivada grant reveals that he was able to establish himself as a paramount king at Pistapura Vasista king Anantavarman who had issued his Srungavarapukota inscription from Pistapura  V

Abhira Dynasty

c.220 AD - c.340 AD : Abhiras / Abheeras (c.203 - c.370) were subordinate rulers of Western Satraps and declared independence after fall of  Satavahanas .  Founder : Isvarasena Language : Sanskrit Religion : Hinduism (Saivism) The Abhiras were in power for 67 years according to most puranas and one hundred and 67 years according to Vayu purana. At about 270 A.D Abhiras lost sovereign status due to the rise of Traikutakas in Western Deccan and Ikshavakus in Eastern Deccan. An Abhira King is known to have devoted an embassy to the Sassanian king Naresh in the Year 293AD.  The Abhiras were from the Yaduvanshi Kshatriya clan. Some of them entered the military service of the Western Satraps (Sakas), and helped them in conquest of new territories. By 181 A.D, the Abhiras had gained considerable influence at the Kshatrapa court. Some of them were even serving as generals.  The Gunda inscription dated Saka year 103 (181 CE) refers to Abhira Rudrabhuti as the senapati (commander-in-chief) of th

Telangana Timeline

  Telangana is separated from Andhra Pradesh and became 29 state of India on June 2 2014 with Hyderabad as it capital. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao popularly known as KCR became the first chief minister.