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Prataparudra II (1289 - 1323), the son of Rudramadevi's daughter Mummadamba, ascended the throne following his grandmother's death. His immediate task was to defeat Ambadeva and restore Kakatiya authority over the lands south of the Krishna river. However, Prataparudra also had to prepare for the possibility that Ambadeva's allies would also get involved in any such conflict. Thus, Prataparudra planned a three-pronged offensive against his enemies. The first Kakatiya offensive took place in 1291 and was commanded by Manuma Gannaya, son of Induluri Soma-mantri, and Annayadeva, son of Induluri Peda Gannaya. This offensive was directed against Tripurantakam in the northern part of Ambadeva's territory. While the exact details of this campaign are unknown, it seems that Ambadeva was defeated and fled south to Mulikinadu. The record of the Kakatiya general Annayadeva at Tripurantakam occurs just two months after the last record of Ambadeva at that place, with both records oc

Rani Rudramadevi

Rani Rudrama Devi (1245 – Nov 27 1289), or Rudradeva Maharaja, sometimes spelled Rudhramadevi, was a ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty from 1262 - 1289 in the Deccan Plateau and one of the few ruling queens in Indian history. Rudrama Devi was known as Rudrāṃbā at birth. Her father was Ganapatideva, Ganapatideva married Naramma and peramma his brother-in-law was Jayapanadu, he was military commander of kakatiya ganapatideva they were from Durjaya vamsa, the emperor of the Kakatiya dynasty who ruled from Orugallu, now known as Warangal, in Telangana. Rudrama was formally designated as a son through the ancient Putrika ceremony and given the male name of Rudradeva. Rudrama Devi has begun to rule the kingdom jointly with her father as his co-regent from 1259-60 under the name of Rudradeva Maharaja. In the first two or three years of their joint rule, the kingdom was thrown into confusion and disorder due to Jatavarma Sundara Pandya I's invasion and the disastrous defeat of the Kakatiyas