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Recherla Chiefs

996 AD - 1052 AD : Recherla Brahma or Bamma Founder : General of Beta I (996 AD - 1052 AD) Defeated a Choda King and carried away as a trophy of war the doors of kanchi. 1052 AD - 1076 AD : Muccha General of Prola I (1052 AD - 1076 AD) 1076 AD - 1108 AD : Kata I / Kataya General of Beta II (1076 AD - 1108 AD) It can fairly be surmised that Beta II could not have achieved this distinction without the support of Kata I. 116 AD - 1157 AD : Kama Chamupati General of Prola II (1116 AD - 1157 AD) The Palampet inscription127 giving the genealogy of Recherla Rudra incidentally records that his grand father Kama, defeated Manthenya Gunda in a battle. Kama had three sons and a daughter, viz, Kata II, Beti Reddi, Nami Reddi and Vallasani by Kashambika. Beta, Kata II and Nama flourished in the reign of Rudra. 1158 AD - 1190 AD : Kata II General of Rudradeva / Prataparudra I (1158 AD - 1195 AD) 1190 AD - 1262 AD : Recherla Rudra Son of Kata II was the famous Recherla Rudra General for Kakatia kin