Nirmal Turkam and Venganna Cheruvu

Turkam or Turkan and Venganna Cheruvu is located near Dimmadurthi or Dimmadurthy and Naldhurthi or Naldurti tucked away amidst the dense forests in the Mamada Mandal, Nirmal District, Telanagana State, India.

Turkam Cheruvu and Venganna Cheruvu in the Dimmadurthy Range, considered hidden gems in Nirmal district, are proposed to be developed into eco-tourism attractions.

Turkam Cheruvu is tucked away amidst the dense forests in the district, while Venganna Cheruvu is described as a paradise for bird-watchers with a lot of perches for avifauna.

These two are the largest lakes in the region and they are located in close proximity to Nirmal town so developing them as ecotourism spots will boost the income of the locals.

Turkam Cheruvu is one of the biggest water bodies in the area spread across 55 hectares. It is a perennial water body as it gets water throughout the year from the Saraswathi Canal.

Venganna Cheruvu is spread across 25 hectares and it is home to different species of birds.

Proposal to install bird-watching towers, eco-cottages, night camping and stargazing, boating and kayaking in the lake, floating houses and stone signage along the nature trail without causing much disturbance to the ecosystem. 

Plans to initiate a Jungle Safari along the 10-km stretch by connecting both lakes. The proposal is yet to be approved by the head office.

These activities will provide employment to the locals as they can set up food stalls, work as guides in the safari, manage boats, cottages and other activities.

Unlike lakes, which form by natural processes, reservoirs are created by humans to provide water and hydroelectricity for our own needs.

A pond is a body of water less than 0.5 acres ( 2023.428 square metres) in an area or less than 20 feet (6 meters) in depth. A lake is defined as a body of water bigger than 1 acre (4,000 m²), although size is not a reliable indicator of its water quantity. 1 hectare is 2.471 acres.

August 30, 2022: Nirmal district's 'hidden gems' to become eco-tourism spots in Telangana

Turkan Cheruvu Location
Latitude 19.05143° or 19° 3' 5" north
Longitude 78.56575° or 78° 33' 57" east

From Nirmal take NH 61

Venganna Cheruvu is one of the two water bodies being proposed for development as eco-tourism spots in Nirmal district.