Kongala waterfalls

Kongala waterfalls or Puli Madugu Jalapatham is located near Kongala village, Wazeedu mandal ,Mulugu district, Telangana state, India. 

The waterfall is called ‘V-fall’ by the locals. While the height of the fall is about 70 feet, the Loddimadugu Vagu (stream) fall merges into Kongala tank in the village.

It is around 3 kms from Kongala village. You have to adventure through a trek for about 2 kms or 45 minutes amidst the Kongala forest or Dulapalli forest range and then reach the mighty cascade. Standing at a height of 30 m and spanning around an area of 100 m, water from the falls creates a large pool at the bottom making it a fun activity for the tourists to have fun swimming in them. The surrounding area is also considered great for bird watching as the waterfall is located in the middle of the forest.

You would need to take help of local guides to get there and there is a good chance you would be on your own when you visit the place and giving you plenty of time to be in bliss.

When to visit

Waterfalls turn majestic the moment the season of rain dawns upon them. With rains flooding this year, the months from June to November are the best time to visit these stunning cascades. The rainy season is also the best time for all nature lovers to catch a glimpse of the greenery around these nature’s spectacles.

Where to Stay

It is about 10 min drive from Bogatha Falls and a 45-minute trek

35 km from Tadvai
128 km from Warangal
270 km from Hyderabad.