Mayuri Nursery

Mayuri Nursery, located about 5 kilometers from National Highway 44 at Shankarayapalle, Jadcherla
and about 8 kilometers from the Mahbubnagar district headquarters, is fast gearing up to become one of the most sought after tourists spots in the district with world-class amenities like an amphitheatre, swimming pools and a yoga centre.

Mayuri Central Nursery, located between Mahbubnagar and Jadcherla highway, is an ideal location for developing the eco-tourism project in the district. As the region lies on the slopes of Bontagattu mountain range, the hilly slopes, valleys and flat mountain tops dotted with trees and a large spread of green forest cover all around provide the perfect venue for the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the region.

The entire eco-tourism region includes the entire mountain range and the deep forests spreading over 2,500 hectares from Appanapally to Mammadabad. At present as part of first phase of the project only about 200 hectares are earmarked for the development works. “We are developing the internal roads all along the hilly slopes and barricading the main forest areas with 12 feet high iron fencing so as to avoid any trespassing of wild animals in the park region.

Already we have built 4 kilometres of road. We are also planning special tracks for cycling and walkers which will extend from Jolly hills to TB hospital. In addition to this we are also planning to construct high raised wall all along the road side with green creeper cover on it. The main entrance “Entry Plaza” will be completed in the next two months and we are expecting to complete the first phase by end of this year,” said Mahender.

For developing the eco-tourism park, the officials have already designed a draft plan and accordingly taking up the works in a phased manner. “We have earmarked for developing a medicinal herbal plantation over 2 hectares of area. Our main focus will be on providing basic amenities to the visiting tourists like drinking water, shelters sheds for resting, benches for sitting along the walk paths. We are also constructing toilets and washrooms for the visitors,” added the FRO.

In addition to development of green parks, the Forest Department will also develop different kinds of specialised plantation zones such as Kartika Vanama, Rashi Vanam, Pancha Vati Vanam and Nakshatra Vanam. “We are trying our best to incorporate innovative ideas to make this region a unique spot that links humans and trees. For viewing the scenic beautify of the park we are constructing two pagodas “Valley View Point” and “Hill View Point” with railings all along. In the next few days we will complete the compound wall.

The State government has earmarked 200 hectares of land for the development of various facilities, such as play grounds, gardens, and play facilities for children, a yoga center and a medicinal plantation garden. “Apart from these facilities, we also propose to add an amphitheater (open air theatre), swimming pool, a volleyball court and a basket ball court.

The play facilities have already been installed and works on the entranceway are on the verge of completion. We expect the works to be completed by December” said Mahabubnagar MLA Srinivas Goud while taking stock of the development at Mayuri Nursery.