Khilashapur Fort

Khilashapur or Quileshapur or Khila Shapur Fort is located in Khilashapur village, Raghunathpalle Mandal, Jangaon District, Telangana State, India about 5 km from Raghunathpalli Railway station

The fort built by Sardar Sarvai Pappanna (1650 and died in 1709 A.D) is estimated to be built in 1690, according to researcher and heritage enthusiast Aravind Arya Pakide. The fort was constructed on square in plan with massive bastions at four corners of the fortifications. Recently, deep pointing works were done by removing tree overgrowths to strengthen the walls.

Although Papadu built forts at Bhongir, Thatikonda, Kolanpak, Cheriyal, Karimnagar, Huzurabad and Husnabad, he made Khilashapur fort as his capital. The outer wall of the Khilashapur fort was constructed by stones and the inside structures were built by dung sunnam (lime mortar mix). The fort has five buruzus (fortified towers). The ramparts of the fort were built conveniently to place cannon fires. Currently, there are only two cannons existing and the other two are missing. The fort is also believed to have secret tunnels to escape. In all, the fort reflects the war capabilities of Papadu.

Authorities of the State Archaeology department are planning to develop the Quilla (fort) at Quilla Shapur or Quileshapur village of Raghunathpally mandal in Jangoan district, thanks to the State government’s commitment to conserve monuments.

Oct 16, 2020 : Historic Quilashapur fort’s wall in Telangana collapses due to rains