Palvoncha Peddamma Temple

Peddamma Temple which s dedicated to Ammavari Goddess famous Durga Devi Temple located in K.P. Jagannadhapuram Village, Palvancha Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem District

Kothagudem and palvancha are the twin industrial towns in Bhadradri district of the Indian state of Telangana.

The temple comes alive during the months of October and November.

This a temple that gives darshan to public by the road side. Daily hundreds of devotees this temple this temple is on the way to India's most famous temple Sri Seetharamachandra Swamy Devasthanam, Bhadrachalam.

This is situated 80 km away to khammam district enroute to bhadrachalam temple town
near SH 11 and NH 44 between Palvancha and Bhadrachalam Towns

In olden days when this region used to be a dense forest, a large tiger used to roam in this area and used rest in the shade of a tamarind tree. 

People used to watch this tiger traveling this road. The tiger never did harm to any person. So, People started seeing this tiger as a divine incarnation instead of a cruel animal.

 Since the tiger is a vehicle for goddess Durga people started believing the tiger as incarnation and  installed Durga Devi statue and built a temple in that place and people started offering prayers.

Temple Timings : 6 am - 8:30 pm

Palvancha is considered as the oldest taluk in Bhadradri Kothagudem district which existed much "Earlier than its sister town Kothagudem which was started only after singareni had started .

The area is endowed with rich forests, industries and landscapes. 

The nearest railway station is at Kothagudem which is about 12 km away. It was originally named "Bhadrachalam Road", being the closest railway station to Bhadrachalam, an important pilgrimage location of Lord Rama. 

It is also famous for its record high temperatures during summer, often crossing 50 °C mark. The multipurpose Kinnerasani Dam is also very near to here (12 km). Kinnersani is also famous for its wild life, it is a notified Sanctury.

Ramadasu was the prominent person from Palvancha Tani Shah (last ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, who ruled the kingdom of Golconda) hired him as "Tehsildar" (Head of the Revenue Department) of Palvancha taluk.