Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan

Atmakur Amarchinta Samsthan is in Wanaparthy district.

The first capital was Thippadam valley. Later the capital was shifted to Atmakur on the left bank of Krishna River.

Surname of the family is Mukkaravaru.

1292 AD : Gona Budha Reddy

Sri Gopal Reddy
Anchorage of Mukthal region. He was the real founder of the amarachinta samsthanam.

Chandra Reddy

Emmedi Gopi Reddy
Contemporary  of Abdullah Qutub Shah who acknowledged his help in the war.

Became the ruler of Amarachinta and Vaddaman.

Sarva Reddy
Helped Aurangzeb.

Emmadi Saheb Reddy
Asaf jahi invaded Karnataka and sought the help of Saheb Reddy in the war and gave the title Savai Raja

1803 AD : Pedda Venkat Reddy

Balakrishna Reddy

Soma Bhupala

Sitaram Bhupala

Srimanth Savai Raja

Sri Rama Bhupala

Savai Rani Bhagya Laximmama