Mettugutta Temple

Mettu Gutta (Rocksteps Hill) is a famous Hindu temple that is located in Madikonda. This place is also Known as Manigiri. The Linga in this temple has many similarities with Varanasi Visveswara.
Mettu Gutta

There are two temples on Mettu gutta. One temple is for Lord Shiva and other one is for Lord Sri Ram.

Local people call this temple as Mettu Rama Lingeshwara swamy temple.

Siva temple is constructed during the kaktiya regime. The temple is located on a hillock, there many small water bodies located with in the area, there are various rock formation which can be found near the site, which have very important significance.

There are evidences that this temple is famous as early Vengi Chalukya dynasty period. Kings of Kakathiya dynasty established a fort in this place and build many temples in this hill during 1198 AD. There are is also a historical temple for Lord Sri Rama in this hill.
Here the linga has emerged from ground in 45 degree angle and still raisin. The mountain top temple has a road , and has 7 water springs which carry patala ganga and is belived that is connected to nearest shiva keshtras, one is belived to be 100 km long till the famous ramappa temple.

Lord Shiva blessed as Siddeswaramurthy to Mandavya, Madreechi, Sandilaya and other nine Rishis for their severe penance to get rains to this drought area. There 9 tanks or gundaalu resembling penance 9 Rishis. People believe, water in eye shaped gundam is equivalent to scared Ganges in Varanasi.

Another Legend says Lord Rama paid a darshan to this temple along with Goddess Sita when he came to Badrachalam area.

A story says, Bhima also visited this temple and Bhima's wife Hidimbi played Gacchikayalu with small rocks here, we can see two columns of these rocks even now. Measuring around 165 ft, one column of the rocks has 5 rocks and other has 4 rocks. Local people call these rocks columns as Dhomtalamma gundlu. There are footprints of beleived to be of Bhima at this hill temple.

Poet Vanamalai varadhacharyulu prayed for Goddess Saraswati and done a Vagiswari upasana for around 4o days. Pleased by his Seva Goddess Saraswati blessed him to write Bhagavatam in Telugu to become Pothana later.

Resource Category: Natural asset and cultural significance

Location: kazipet
Date of construction: 12th century Property use: In use

Accessibility: It is easily accessible by road and located on to the main road connect- ing Hyderabad, at the entrance of the city.

Ownership: Endowment dept (State Govt.)

City HRIDAY Plan - Warangal

Security: The lake front is well protected.

Parking: Parking space available but is insufficient
Maintenance: Poor
Entry charges: No entry fee

Drinking water and toilet: The drinking water and toilet facilities are inadequate.

Security: Available. No proper illumination for roads.

Parking: Parking space is available but it is insuf- ficient and is not properly designed.

Maintenance : Poor
Entry charges: no entry fee