Khursheed Jah Devdi

Khursheed Jah Devdi a beautiful two-story structure is a European styled architectural palace located on Government Degree College Rd, Murgi Chowk, Charminar, Hussaini Alam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500064, India

The palace, built by Paigah noble Nawab Fakhruddin, is European-styled and is considered as one of the best examples of Palladian architecture.  

Nawab Khursheed Jah Paigah was the maternal grandson of the third Nizam of Hyderabad. Khursheed Jah Baradari was his residence, near the Charminar. It is a gorgeous Palladian mansion with imposing pillars and a strikingly European design. While it is commonly referred to as a baradari (literally means having 12 doors) or a devdi (sort of like a haveli) it is counted as one of Hyderabad's best palaces.

The construction of the palace was started by Sir Khursheed Jah's grandfather, and completed by his father. It is said, that when the Paigah family lived in this palace, it was full of expensive furniture, chandeliers and paintings, and that the extensive grounds adjoining it, had immaculately kept gardens with fountains and little reservoirs. Apparently, in addition to the horses in his stables, Sir Khursheed Jah also kept ostriches!

Khursheed Jah Deroi was the Baradari of Nawab Khursheed Jah Bahadur (15 October 1914 – 3 August 1975). It was originally designed by Nawab Khurshid Jah Bahadur’s grandfather, Shams-ul-umara Amee-e-Kabir and was completed by his father – Rashiduddin Khan in the late 19th century. It houses the Hussaini Alam Government Girls College in the same compound.

Despite the name, Baradari which literally means 12 doors, the palace only has 5 doors. It is commonly known as Khursheed Jah Devdiin which Devdi means “Lord’s house”. The building which is influenced by European architecture, and is similar to Koti Women’s college which is was then knows as British Residency. The entrance has eight Corinthian pillars about 40 feet in height and the inside of the building has Elliptical arches and some areas have wooden flooring. The verandah has beautiful multi-colored floor tiles.

There used to be the Ishrat Mahal (courtroom) as a part of the same compound.

The playground which is under the government school right now, was actually a beautiful garden with Tara Hauz which is means star shaped fountain.
As you enter the building, you can well imagine how grand it would have been at the time when the Paigahs lived here.

Khurshid Jah Bahadur was born in Rang Mahal, Delhi the only son of Mirza Muhammad Fayazuddin. He was recognized as head of the Timurid Dynasty, in 1931 by the Government of India. He emigrated to Lahore in Pakistan following the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

He was married to Nawabzadi Arghwani Begum Sahiba (born 2 January 1920) and they had two sons and four daughters, with his eldest son succeeding him as head of the Timurid Dynasty on his death on 3 August 1975.

Dec 30, 2022 : Khursheed Jah Devdi to be restored to original grandeur
Dec 31, 2022 : Though listed as a heritage monument, Khursheed Jah Devdi, situated just a kilometre away from Charminar, has been lying in neglect. 
Jan 30, 2023 : 138-year-old Khursheed Jah Devdi to morph into cultural space with Rs 12 crore facelift in Hyderabad
Jul 19, 2023 : Restoration works at Khursheed Jah Devdi finally begin