Alvanpalli Gollatha Temple or Gullu

Gollatha Temple is a holy shrine for Jains located near Alvanpalli village, Jadcherla Mandal of Mahabubnagar District, Telangana State, India.

Alvanpalli (Gollathagudi) village is located about 10 km from Jadcherlatown and nearly 30 km from the district headquarters of Mahabubnagar. It is well accessible by road. 

According to the department of archaeology and museums, there are only two ancient structures in the country built of bricks.

While one lies in total ruin at Gollatha Gullu in Alwanpally in Jadcherla, the other is the oldest Hindu temple built during the Gupta period located at Bhitargaon, Kanpur district in Uttar Pradesh.

The Gollatha Gullu, near the is a unique temple and stands amid an empty space with a wall around it and a locked gate. Built entirely of bricks, this temple stands as a model for brick technology of the time, according to ancient texts.

A familiar blue board lets us know that it is under the protection of the archaeology department, but it is obviously not on the tourist track because there is no way to enter.

There were four vertical storeys, where the bricks were made of burnt clay. This Jaina temple was built between 7th and 8th century and has been exposed to the vagaries of nature.

Large size bricks have been used to build the temple in old style, plastered with limestone. Since the bricks were glazed, it could not be held together.

The principal deity of this temple was Lord Mahavira. Some sculptures of Mahavira, Parsvanatha and a few other statues of historical importance are kept at a local museum in Pillalamarri and some at a museum in Hyderabad. This is apart from the headless statue of Lord Mahavira at this temple.